Chest Masculinization 

Chest Masculinization 

Transgender surgeries are some of the most fulfilling procedures—for both patients and board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar. At Toronto’s Elements Spa, we see these highly specialized surgeries as absolute pleasures to take part in, as we get to witness the results and reactions of these dedicated patients on their gender affirming journeys. While most transgender surgeries (especially top surgeries) emphasize the transformation from male to female, today we’ll be sharing some more information about chest masculinization, or female to male top surgery. 

As with any surgery, it’s important patients take their time and do ample research on the procedure, as well as their surgeon and facility. Your surgeon and staff should be experienced in regards to top surgery, as well as be able to answer any inquiries you may have. At Elements Spa, Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained staff operate at their accredited out patient facility using the most effective techniques, while assuring patients are well informed of every step and comfortable throughout their experience. At Elements Spa, we also offer the option for guests from outside of Toronto to stay with us as they begin their exciting healing journey. Let’s take a closer look at the procedure.

Every patient is unique and naturally carries varying chest sizes. Patients with smaller chests will undergo a simpler procedure, while patients with fuller chests will need to undergo multi-step procedures, and may require longer recovery times. On the day of the procedure, Dr. Adibfar will begin by making preoperative markings to give the patient a clear picture of what will happen during surgery and what type of changes will be expected. While female to male top surgery is a type of procedure, it differs greatly to the typical female breast reduction as this procedure not only involves a reduction, but also chest contouring and nipple placement. 

Depending on the size of the patient’s chest, Dr. Adibfar may be able to leave the nipple intact in regards to maintaining sensation. Other patients may require a complete nipple or aerola graft to assure the nipple is the appropriate size and shape, and that it’s brought into appropriate placement. Many patients feel a sensation of numbness on the nipple after recovery, yet still retain a fair degree of sensation. 

During the procedure, Dr. Adibfar very accurately and strategically removes any excess breast tissue, fat tissue and skin. In some cases, Dr. Adibfar may also need to utilize liposuction. Again, depending on the original chest size, Dr. Adibfar customizes the procedure using versatile techniques that not only remove the excess, but also contour the chest and nipple to relay a more masculine, symmetrical profile. After the nipple is contoured and secured in place, Dr. Adibfar uses specialized methods to secure the incisions. While this sounds fairly straightforward, the experience of your surgeon to perform this task optimally will make all the difference. When incisions are secured properly, it ensures less tension on the tissue and closed incision lines during recovery. Less tension results in better healing and less 
chance of infection, as well as built or raised scar tissue. 

While patients see and feel the immediate change and look of their chest, depending on the patient’s size, it could take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to fully heal and for the scars to completely flatten. Before surgery, patients typically relay the discomfort they feel in regards to always having to hide their chest with bulky layers of clothing that are uncomfortable and cause them to sweat. While recovering, patients are happy to finally be able to where comfortable clothing (like a simple white t-shirt!) without the feeling of needing to hide. Ultimately, they not only feel more comfortable in their own skin, but a strong sense of freedom to be who they really are. Gender neutral patients also find this procedure very satisfying.

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