Rhinoplasty & Face Enhancements

rhinoplasty & other face enhancements

Signs of aging can leave a once youthful appearance, dull, sagging and sunken. Various facial enhancement options like rhinoplasty can eliminate crow’s feet and fine lines, restore volume to facial features and reverse time. Dr. Adibfar will work with you to reshape and correct problems such as: loose skin on the face or neck, puffy or sagging eyelids, drooping brows, undefined jaw lines, and more, in order to restore and enhance your natural facial contours.

The benefits of facial enhancements like rhinoplasty and other lift procedures include:
• A younger, fresher facial appearance
• A retained and firm contour with an enhanced definition
• Banished creases around the eyes, nose, and mouth
• Elimination of excess fat and loose skin on the neck
• Better definition with removal of excess skin in the neck and jaw line
• An established harmony and balance to the face

Dr. Adibfar, a high skilled surgeon and a master of aesthetics, can give you a restored, balanced and youthful appearance. Whether you want tightened elasticity of the skin, smoothed wrinkles around the neck, eyes, and mouth, or enhanced contours to give your face more definition, Dr. Adibfar will work with you to attain your aesthetic ambitions.

Facial enhancement procedures and surgery options include:

One of the most popular and difficult cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty (commonly known as nose reshaping), improves the appearance of the nose and corrects breathing problems. Whether the patient desires a narrower nostril width, a change of the angle of their nose, or to remove a bump on the bridge of the nose, Dr. Adibfar’s acute sense of aesthetics will help you attain the nose you desire.

During the rhinoplasty procedure, the structures of the nose are altered and the nasal skeleton is reshaped. Depending on which method is right for you, Dr. Adibfar will either perform an endonasal rhinoplasty (the closed approach), or an external rhinoplasty (the open approach). In an endonasal rhinoplasty, Dr. Adibfar will make surgical incisions inside of both nostrils, eliminating any visible scars. However, unlike the external rhinoplasty, visibility is limited. During the second approach (external rhinoplasty), a small incision is made to connect the right and left nostril incisions. In this method, the skin of the nose can be folded up, allowing for full visibility.

Both endonasal and external rhinoplasty approaches have their respective benefits and drawbacks. During your consultation with Dr. Adibfar, the right approach for you will be determined, allowing you to have the nose shape you desire.

Recover time for a rhinoplasty face enhancements procedure usually allows a patient to return to work within 7-10 days.


For a detailed review of your options when it comes to face enhancements including rhinoplasty, contact Dr. Ali Adibfar.

Face Lift
Gravity and aging often leave the face with sagging skin and unwanted wrinkles. A rhytidectomy, commonly known as a face-lift, can take years off the physical appearance of the face, significantly reducing wrinkles, creases and other unwanted signs of aging.

During the procedure, Dr. Adibfar will make two incisions from the temples to the nape of the neck, following the natural contours of each side of the face—in doing so, scaring is minimal and will be hidden by your hair. From there, the skin will be separated from the underlying fat and muscle, excess fat will be trimmed and your facial muscles will be tightened. The end result will be a firmer and youthful appearance.

This procedure focuses on the lower portion of the face, giving the cheeks, mouth, and jaw line a smoother appearance.

At the time of your face enhancements consultation, Dr. Adibfar will discuss the expected end result in accordance to your expectations. In recovery, patients often feel discomfort for the first few days, and within two weeks are able to return to work.


For a detailed review of your options when it comes to face enhancements including rhinoplasty and face lifts, contact Dr. Ali Adibfar.

Neck Lift
Gravity, age, and weight loss all contribute to the unwanted sagging of the neck. In order to eliminate excess fat, as well as loose and inelastic skin, from the neck, a set of procedures, known as a neck lift, is recommended.

The procedure requires three small and discreet incisions (below the chin and behind each ear) to remove unnecessary fat, tighten the neck muscles and remove excess skin. By tightening the underlying neck muscles and eliminating sagging skin, Dr. Adibfar can reverse the signs of aging, leaving you with a tight, smooth, and defined neck.

Recovery for this procedure allows for patients to return working in roughly 10 to 14 days.


For a detailed review of your options when it comes to face enhancements including rhinoplasty and neck lifts, contact Dr. Ali Adibfar.

Brow Lift
Ideal for men and women with furrowed and drooping brows, wrinkles, and a loss in skin and muscle tone, a brow lift can alleviate those common signs of aging. With three different methods available, Dr. Adibfar will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each, and together you can determine which method will lead the results you want.

During an endoscopic central brow lift, the most common method, Dr. Adibfar will make two small incisions behind the hairline and insert a scope in order to visualize the procedure. The brow will then be lifted and two sutures will be placed under the skin to permanently hold the lift in place.

The temporal brow lift focuses on the outer third of the brow, working to eliminate crows feet. In this procedure, Dr. Adibfar will make two small incisions behind the hairline, parallel to the temple. The skin is then lifted to create a natural and lifted brow arch and excess skin is removed. In this procedure, central wrinkles and creases between the brows or on the forehead will not be alleviated.

In the final method, an internal brow lift, the incisions are made in the crease of the eyelid, with little to no scaring. The brow is lifted and dissolving sutures will be put in place to hold the lift permanently. The sutures will dissolve in 7-10 days. This procedure is combined with an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, removing excess skin on the upper eyelid.

During your consultation, Dr. Adibfar will discuss which option is better for you in meeting your aesthetic goals.


For a detailed review of your options when it comes to face enhancements including rhinoplasty and brow lifts, contact Dr. Ali Adibfar.

Eyelid Surgery
Targeting pockets of excess fat and sagging skin appearing on the upper and lower eyelid, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can leave patients with a more alert and refreshed look. As an added benefit, eyelid surgery helps to remove bags and wrinkles under the eye.

The procedure consists of small incisions on either inside and/or at the lash line of the lower lid. Dr. Adibfar will then remove excess fatty tissue and skin.

Patients are often able to return to work in ten days, with all swelling and bruising gone in four weeks.


For a detailed review of your options when it comes to face enhancements including rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery, contact Dr. Ali Adibfar.

Fat Grafting
Restore loss of facial volume, contour and enhance facial features, and regain a youthful, glowing appearance with the facial fat grafting procedure. With possible permanent results, the fat grafting procedure transfers the patient’s harvested fat to the face, creating a youthful, fresh and contoured appearance. Dr. Adibfar will work with you to determine where the fat will be harvested from (abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, or buttocks) and what your desired end result is.

During the procedure, Dr. Adibfar will remove fat from the targeted area using liposuction. Then, through various injections, he will improve the contours of your face, diminish lines and wrinkles, and add fullness and definition. Injections are done in office, allowing for a prompt return to work immediately.


For a detailed review of your options when it comes to face enhancements including rhinoplasty and fat grafting, contact Dr. Ali Adibfar.

Facial Implants
Whether you desire a more defined jaw, contoured cheeks, an enhanced chin, or simply wish to balance your facial features, facial implants can reshape areas that have lost volume and shape, or enhance your existing youthful features.

Specially tailored to a patient’s desired final results, Dr. Adibfar will design a procedure that meets your needs. To restore depleted, sunken or flat areas of the face, cheek implants can deliver a rounder, lifted and youthful look. If a more proportionate look to the nose and forehead is required, chin implants create an overall balance to the face. Likewise, jaw implants craft a balanced facial symmetry, also altering the shape, angle and size of the jaw line to form a contoured and defined look.

Depending on the procedure that’s right for you, recovery time varies. During your consultation with Dr. Adibfar, you’ll discuss which facial implant procedures will leave your facial features more defined, contoured and full, in accordance to your final aesthetic goals.


For a detailed review of your options when it comes to face enhancements including rhinoplasty and facial implants, contact Dr. Ali Adibfar.