Brazilian Butt Lift & Buttock Enhancements

Brazilian Butt Lift and other buttock enhancements

Aimed to enhance the natural curves of men and women who are unsatisfied with the shape of their buttocks, buttock augmentation and enhancements like the Brazilian Butt Lift resolve issues of low volume in the buttocks, hanging and loose skin on the buttocks or upper thigh, overall disproportion to the body, and creates a rounder and firmer shape to the buttocks. Within the buttock enhancements and augmentation concept are several options and methods that can be used to give you the fuller, curvier bottom you’re looking for.

During your consultation with Dr. Adibfar, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to which buttock procedure will yield the results you want. Buttock enhancement procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift provided by Dr. Adibfar include:

Brazilian Butt Lift

buttock enhancements: brazilian butt lift


With its name sourced from the country it originated from, the Brazilian Butt Lift has gained a lot of popularity amidst buttock enhancement options. A renowned procedure, the Brazilian Buttlift works to contour areas of the body, whilst enhancing and lifting the buttocks.

A two-step process, the Brazilian Butt Lift is a form of fat grafting that provides a natural looking result. First, fat is collected through liposuction (primarily in the lower back, waist, thighs, abdomen, or the flank), which is then harvested, transferred, and injected into the buttocks. The benefit of a Brazilian Butt Lift is that while not only providing material in which the buttocks can be enhanced, the areas in which the fat is removed are now contoured, yielding a more dramatic result. After the fat has been harvested during the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, it’s then injected into the patient’s buttocks through various injections. These injections will be at different depths in order to create an even and aesthetic augmentation.

Dr. Adibfar has not only introduced the Brazilian Butt Lift method to Canadian cosmetic surgery, but has trained many surgeons for this procedure as well. During your consultation, Dr. Adibfar will discuss with you in greater detail how the Brazilian Butt Lift can give you the shape you desire.


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Buttock Implants

buttock enhancements: buttock implants


Like the Brazilian Butt Lift, buttock implants can provide a firm, smooth, natural feel, and can be done with or without fat grafting. Suitable for those who have little fat to harvest and transfer to the buttocks, buttock implants result in a more rounded and firm upper and outer buttocks.

During your consultation, Dr. Adibfar will discuss the numerous options available to you for the procedure: the shape of the solid silicone implant, the incision location which is most suitable for you (upper buttock, under the buttock crease, or the center of the sacrum), the placement of the implant, and whether or not liposuction or fat grafting is necessary for you.

Depending on the incision placement, scaring may be visible. Recovery time for silicone butt implants is estimated at six weeks. However, after two weeks many patients are fine to return to work but must continue to avoid sitting or sleeping on their backs. By the sixth week swelling should be gone.


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Buttock Lift

buttock enhancements: buttock lift


The buttock lift (or gluteoplasty) works to tighten, lift, and sculpt the buttocks. Ideal for those with excess amounts of loose, sagging or hanging skin on the buttocks and back of the upper thigh, gluteoplasty can also minimize and improve the appearance of cellulite. While speaking to Dr. Adibfar during your consultation, major concerns, expected final results and possible liposuction options around the hip region should be discussed.

Depending on your concerns and desired outcome, Dr. Adibfar will select a buttock lift that suits your needs: the Upper buttock lift (most common), the lateral buttock lift (focusing on the hips and sides of the buttocks), the butterfly lift (for mild to moderate sagginess on the central buttocks), and the lower buttock lift (to correct excess sagginess).

For the typical buttock lift, an incision across the entire lower back will be made in order to remove excess skin and fat whilst lifting any sagging tissue in the outer thigh and lower buttocks. Recovery time is estimated at six weeks, with no extreme sitting for the first three weeks and no strenuous activity until week six.


For more information about buttock enhancements or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Ali Adibfar.

Whether its a Brazilian Butt Lift or a Buttock Implant, we’ll work to identify the buttock enhancements procedure that’s right for you. The end results of a buttock enhancement procedure will leave you with a full, shapely and sexier bottom; a tighter and more youthful contour; restored firmness, and a new found confidence.