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Top tier Cosmetic Plastic Surgery featuring Toronto’s Top Plastic Surgeon!

face enhancements

face enhancements

Plastic Surgeon Toronto Brilliance. Keep your age a secret. Reverse the signs of aging, wrinkles, sagging and loose skin with face enhancement treatments. Trust one of the best surgeons in the plastic surgery industry for incredible results.
breast enhancements

breast enhancements

Get fuller, more natural looking breasts with transformational plastic surgery in Toronto. Achieve this with breast augmentation or combined with a breast lift enhancement. By using silicone or saline implants achieve larger and more shapely breasts.
buttock enhancements

buttock enhancements

Want more curves and a shapelier butt? Buttock implants come in a variety of shapes & sizes. It can provide contour and shape. As one of the best surgeons in Toronto plastic surgery, Dr. Adibfar will choose the best plastic surgery enhancements that look natural and suit your body.
body enhancements

body enhancements

Achieve the body of your dreams with Dr. Adibfar’s body enhancement treatment plans. Tuck and tighten your body. Shape your waist. Look good. Feel better. Trust one of the best names in Toronto cosmetic surgery.

#1 Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is an art. Attention to detail. Passion for design. Incredible surgical skill. These are just a few of the factors that set Dr. Ali Adibfar apart from other top Toronto plastic surgeons. He is devoted to delivering the final results you want and need. Dr. Adibfar will walk you through prospective the several plastic surgery Toronto procedures he offers as you describe your final aesthetic goals. It’s trust in experience.

People are interested in restoring their youthful appearance through our premier Toronto plastic surgery procedures. That can include fullness to the face,  plump lips, regaining lost volume to the body, or simply enhancing the natural contours of their silhouette. Dr. Adibfar’s facial, body and buttock enhancement procedures can offer you the youthful results you desire. As a top tier, board-certified Toronto plastic surgeon, he is focused on meeting your needs through transformational cosmetic surgery.

Exceptional Plastic Surgery for Exceptional People

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Featured on Cosmetic Innovations on Toronto’s Sun TV. Dr. Adibfar discusses non-surgical facial rejuvenation and how these non-evasive procedures can erase common signs of aging. His many years of plastic surgery experience in Toronto is unmatched. During this video, Dr. Adibfar has a consultation with Cosmetic Innovation’s producer and host, Aida Memisevic. Crows feet, wrinkles and prominent creases around the nose and mouth, as well as sagging neck muscles, are targeted issues. He uses botox and dermal fillers to address these areas. Watch this top tier Toronto plastic surgeon in action. He eliminates these pesky signs of aging. The result is a youthful, glowing appearance.

Get one step closer to achieving your aesthetic goals. Contact one of the best names in Toronto cosmetic surgery to book your consultation.