Designer Vagina

designer vagina

Vaginal Rejuvenation, a procedure that has seen an increase of 44% since 2013, offers both surgical and non-invasive solutions to create a tighter, symmetrical, firmer and smoother vagina for those who have experienced child birth, the signs of aging, or simply desire a more aesthetically pleasing vagina. Within the realm of labiaplasty many procedures can be performed to leave you with a vagina that not only leaves patients with an increased sexual satisfaction, but a visually enhanced genital region.

Whether removing excess skin, balancing asymmetrical labia minora or majora (inner or outer vaginal lips), creating a more exposed clitoris, or reconstructing the hymen, Dr. Adibfar leaves patients feeling confident, comfortable and pleased with their end results.

Surgical procedures are as follows:

Clitoral Hood Reduction
Increasing sexual pleasure and removing unwanted skin, the clitoral hood reduction reduces skin folds surrounding the clitoris. Due to the sensitivity of the region, the skin must not be completely removed (causing hyper-sensitivity and dryness), but can be tailored to magnify sexual gratification.
Due to age or childbirth, many women are left with the feeling of a relaxed or loose vagina. In order to tighten the vaginal canal, Dr. Adibfar can shorten the stretched muscles in the vaginal canal, creating a tighter, firmer and more pleasurable vagina.
For those who desire to reconstruct their hymen, Dr. Adibfar offers the “Revirginization” procedure. A 45 minute outpatient procedure, hymen repair is done in office using dissolving stitches to attach the torn edges of the vagina together.
An aesthetic procedure, a perineoplasty can create the look of a more petite vagina. Repairing the perineum muscles (located between the vagina and anus) that are usually left torn after childbirth, sexual intercourse, or trauma, will minimize the size of the vaginal opening. This procedure also removes excess skin and skin tags.
Laser De-pigmentation and textural improvement
Improving the texture and tone, laser de-pigmentation and textural improvement recreates a firmness to the vagina, evens the tone and dramatically reduces hyper-pigmentation. The procedure is non-invasive, is done in-office and requires no downtime and is pain-free.
Mons Pubis Reduction
Working to create a better profile, a mons pubis reduction flattens the area between the lower belly and pubic bone. This mound can be reduced with liposuction or the removal of excess skin. The mons pubic reduction procedure also lifts the labia, and at times can be the only procedure necessary to leave the patient with their desired results.
Heightening sexual satisfaction through confidence, Dr. Adibfar will eliminate any aesthetic or functional vaginal issues you may experience.

Patients should be advised that prior to treatment they should refrain from any form of blood thinners (such as Asprin, Ibuprofen, Midol, fish oils, etc.). Likewise, due to the nature of the treatment, candidates should be in good health with no other vaginal issues. A common occurrence, many people may unknowingly carry a sexually transmitted infection, such as herpes. For this reason, anti-viral medication may be prescribed in order to avoid herpes breakout for patients with the pre-existing condition.