Breast Augmentation and Construction For Transgenders

Undergoing breast augmentation surgery is a popular feminization procedure for transgender women on their transformational journey. As with any cosmetic surgery, patients should always choose their cosmetic plastic surgeon diligently and cautiously. Patients should seek cosmetic plastic surgeons that are board-certified, have performed numerous procedures on transgender patients before (especially for the surgery they’re interested in) and have a history of successful experience dealing with a variety of patients. This is crucial because specific adjustments are made to a patient’s body in order for them to appear more masculine or feminine depending on the desired results of the patient.

Toronto’s s award-winning, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar not only has extensive successful experience performing cosmetic surgeries on transgenders, he also respects the process of transitioning tremendously, treating his patients with compassion and understanding in a judgement-free state-of-the-art facility where patients are able to explore various transformational procedures while forming realistic expectations in relation to their preferred procedure.


Transgender patients typically seek the procedure after having undergone extensive hormonal therapy, finding themselves dissatisfied with the results of hormonal therapy alone. Dr. Adibfar considers the particulars of the patient’s body, including the patient’s body shape, muscularity, natural chest size, as well as facial and bodily proportions. His goal is not only to leave his patient with a noticeably larger chest, but also to enhance the contour of the patient’s body to make it appear more characteristically feminine and natural. Ideal candidates are always patients in generally good health who have realistic expectations. This will allow for less chance of complication, and more efficient and swift healing.

The patient is first administered a general anesthesia. Once fully anesthetized, Dr. Adibfar begins by making an incision either under the breast or around the patient’s areola or in the armpit. The choice between the three depends on the patient’s preference of incision or scar placement, as well as the size of the implant and the amount of skin available to enclose the implant. Dr. Adibfar lifts the breast tissue and part of the pectoral muscle to create a pocket in which the implant will be placed. When the implants are precisely positioned, Dr. Adibfar secures them by stitching the incisions and dressing them with gauze and surgical tape to speed healing and prevent infection. The surgery typically takes approximately one hour to complete. Patients having undergone breast augmentation typically still retain nipple sensation or sensitivity as well.


As with any surgical procedure, recovery varies from patient to patient. Patients are typically able to return home the same day of surgery, and should arrange for a close family member or friend to closely care for them and take them home safely. Patients will also be prescribed pain killers and antibiotics to allow for a more comfortable recovery and less chance of infection.

Recovery can take anywhere from 7-14 days, and patients should avoid strenuous activity for at least 4 weeks, or until they’ve been cleared by their cosmetic plastic surgeon. Patients are advised to diligently follow Dr. Adibfar’s post-surgical self care instructions and attend all followup appointments to best speed up healing and minimize any apparent signs of scarring. During recovery patients’ breasts may feel sore, tight and stiff. They may also experience swelling and bruising along the incision lines which are usually sensitive to touch. Scar ointments and silicone strips will also be available to patients. They’ll soon notice their incision lines begin to fade.


As with any cosmetic surgery, there are always associated risks. With attention to detail and strict adherence to instruction, patients will find that they heal quickly and with less discomfort. Dr. Adibfar is renowned for successful incision placement resulting in less apparent scarring. Dr. Adibfar will also discuss incision placement with you during your scheduled consultation. If you have any questions about the risks of undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Adibfar will be more than happy to thoroughly explore and discuss these risks to make sure you’re making the right decision, and to assure that these risks are meticulously minimized.

For transgender women, the available opportunity to undergo breast augmentation (or construction surgery) is an exciting and advantageous one that yields phenomenal results while boosting patients’ confidence and self esteem along their committed journey of transition.

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