Dermal Fillers

dermal fillers

For those who would like to regain lost volume, alleviate deep creases and fine wrinkles, or simply seek to improve the contours of their face, dermal fillers offer a wide variety of non-surgical options to fulfill various aesthetic goals. This soft tissue restoration improves facial features, restores volume, and minimizes wrinkles and folds with virtually no downtime. Either used alone or in a combination, the various types of dermal fillers can enhance the size or define the shape of the lips, add definition to the jowl line, improve cheekbones, and restore lost volume. Unlike others, Dr. Adibfar is unique in his ability to recognize areas needing restoration of volume, and yet maintain the original form of the face.

Forehead/Frown Lines
Extending vertically above the nose, the glabellar lines are pronounced creases in the forehead. Commonly called “frown lines”, these deep creases are emphasized and formed when frowning. To reduce the unwanted creasing of the forehead, Dr. Adibfar will determine which dermal filler(s) are right for you, then proceed to inject the fillers at various points across the forehead.
Tear Trough
The nasojugal groove is the deep crease from the inner corner of the eye, giving the look of dark circles around the eyes. Despite the loss of volume and tissue laxity in the lower eyelid, this common sign of aging can be eliminated and the eyes can regain their youthful and smooth appearance with a hyaluronic filler. A pain-free procedure, any mild bruising that may occur will likely resolve in a week.
Lips: Definition and Volume
Once plump, full and defined, aging can leave lips in want of volume and definition. However, age isn’t the only reason why many patients request lip injections. Dermal fillers, if injected at the lip border in small amounts, can define the lip, enhancing the Cupid’s bow and peaks. Likewise, for those who desire a fuller pout, seek to enhance the look of their lower and upper lip, or simply desire a lip augmentation, Dr. Adibfar will work with you to find a non-surgical and in office solution.
Smoker Lines
Smoker lines (also referred to as “Lipstick Lines”) are the small vertical lines that surround the upper or lower lip. Though treatment depends on the depth, extent and overall condition of the creases, fillers are used to smooth the fine lines, plump the surrounding area around the mouth and ultimately minimize the appearance of the lines.
Mouth Frown, Smile Lines/Marionette Lines, Vertical Lip Lines
Over time, unwanted evidence of age can bring out the downside to years of smiling. Smile lines, also known as the nasolabial fold) are deep creases that extend from the outer corners of the mouth to the nose. Oral commissure lines, or marionette lines, are similar to the nasolabial fold, however rather than extending up towards the nose, the depression extends vertically downwards, towards the jaw. For both variations of a vertical deep crease, dermal fillers can alleviate the intensity of the crease. Because every patient is different, Dr. Adibfar will discuss the injection sites and filler options available to you.
Mental Crease
A groove that can be found between the chin and the lips, the mental crease is a horizontal depression that can be either one deep groove or multiple grooves. Creating a “puckered” look to the mouth, the mental crease is treated with injections into the mentalis muscle (which is located near the tip of the chin).
Nose Reshaping
Commonly known as “non-surgical rhinoplastly”, nose reshaping with the use of dermal fillers can augment the shape of the nose, remove unwanted bumps, create symmetry, or simple reshape the nose altogether. Fillers are injected into targeted areas, producing immediate, noticeable, yet subtle results. The in office procedure takes merely 30 minutes, yielding results that can last from 18-24 months.