Magic Needle

magic needle

Traditionally, during cosmetic procedures, physicians use the classic, rigid, sharp tip needle. Though in some instances this is still the preferred choice, such needles tend to induce pain and ecchymosis (discolouration of the skin resulting from bleeding underneath), creating an increased recovery time.


An extremely skilled injector, Dr. Adibfar, who also trains other surgeons, is able to use both the classic needle for injections, as well as the new and innovative Magic Needle.


The “Magic Needle” by Needle Concept Paris, unlike the classic needle, is a micro cannula with a rounded-tip, which easily slides through tissue.


The advantages of using a Magic Needle?

1. Reduces Pain of Injection
2. Reduces Risk of Hematoma (bruising)
3. Reduces Recovery Time
4. Permits a better application


One of the disadvantages of the Sharp Tip Needle is the limited choice of handling. The injection technique will be rectilinear as the rigid hypodermic needle has to follow a straight-line trajectory. The sharp hypodermic will also cut the skin. This technique may potentially cause bleeding or other mild side effects.


Dr. Adibfar, an expert in working with the Magic Needle, advocates the benefits of working with such an advantageous tool. The perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility allows the physician to control the movement without damaging the skin. Damage is also prevented due to the micro cannula, which slides into the skin without traumatizing it.


A superior application, utilizing perfect control of injection depth, the Magic Needle is non-invasive and pain free. With a single puncture site for wider range treatment zones, in addition to the atraumatic sliding technique, procedures are quicker and have broader coverage. The Magic Needle yields a better and safer application in the skin, with harmonious distribution and homogeneity of the injection.


Patient satisfaction according to different criteria – Independent Satisfaction Survey

– Treatment 96%
– Lifting effect 97%
– Improvement of facial contour 97%
– No side effects 58%
– Painless 98%


The benefits Magic Needle is adaptable to each treatment area – face, legs, arms, hands, neckline, etc.