PRP Therapy

prp therapy

Using the healing power of isolated platelets from a patient’s own blood, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy works to rejuvenate the body’s soft tissue and skin. While activating collagen production, the treatment aids in the restoration and enhancement of areas in the face, creating volume, texture and tone.


prp-therapy-handsA great alternative for patients who are experiencing the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, lost volume or sunken features, PRP therapy provides natural and effective results for those who are concerned with toxins and artificial injections. In one visit, Dr. Adibfar will take blood from the patient, prepare it on site, and then inject the platelet rich plasma into the targeted areas of correction.


This procedure will stimulate the skin to create collagen, motivate the growth of new skin cells, create a stronger collagen support structure, and ultimately reduce the appearance of wrinkles whilst restoring lost volume. Though it may take longer to see the results, PRP therapy is extremely effective.


prp-imageHowever, when combined with dermal fillers, PRP Therapy is known as the “Vampire Lift”. Enhancing and improving the “lift” of PRP therapy, the patient’s facial texture, tone, and volume are all restored and improved.