Your Mommy Makeover Questions Answered

Mommy makeovers are an exciting group of rejuvenating procedures for mothers to get their confidence back and reclaim their bodies. While a mommy makeover can be extensive and require a lot of planning for recovery, patients are typically thrilled with the results. In this article we’ll answer some of the most common questions we’re asked from patients interested in undergoing a mommy makeover.


1. Will I Lose Feeling in My Breasts?

Many women opt for breast augmentations after concluding their child-bearing and/or nursing years. While recovery from a breast augmentation certainly leaves areas of the breasts and nipples sore and numb, over several weeks of recovery the nipples and breasts regain their previous sensory abilities and sensitivities without any complications.


2. How Does a Mommy Makeover Rejuvenate My Genitals?

Your vagina can change drastically after giving birth and with the natural aging process. Some women may be left feeling more insecure, especially in the bedroom. Vaginal rejuvenation is common and a great way to address any of these insecurities which can include rejuvenation of a patient’s vaginal wall, clitoris, and vagina. This may include the removal of excess skin and other vaginal tightening.


3. Can I Be Sexually Active After Surgery?

Your combination of mommy makeover procedures can be different from another female patient. Another woman may not want vaginal rejuvenation while you would. With any of these surgical recoveries, you must wait and allow your body to heal before engaging in any strenuous activity including workouts, heavy lifting, and sex. Putting pressure on your body before it is ready is incredibly counterproductive to recovery and should be avoided before getting clearance from your board-certified plastic surgeon.


4. Are All The Procedures Completed At The Same Time?

Every patient is unique and will therefore opt for a specific group of mommy makeover procedures as well as a specialized plan to best assure optimal results. For many patients, these procedures are completed simultaneously so that recovery happens once and mothers can return to their families as quickly and efficiently as possible. In rare instances, patients may require to complete one or more surgeries separately for safety reasons. In this case, patients will need to plan for extended recovery.


5. Will Others Notice?

It is always vital to choose a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon you can trust who is experienced and qualified like  Elements Spa’s Dr. Adibfar. This will assure the best and most natural-looking results with incision lines that are well placed and hidden. During recovery, patients can also wear more comforting and loose-fit clothing in order to hide any healing.


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