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Your Ideal Body with Our Mommy Makeover

Who doesn’t want their ideal body? Getting that beach-ready body can be difficult. And no one knows this struggle better than moms. Their busy schedules and endless responsibilities leave little time for themselves. Not to mention, most moms are left feeling disappointed with their bodies after giving birth. Many are unable to find opportunities to make changes on their own. But hope isn’t lost.


Dr. Ali Adibfar, the medical director at one of Toronto’s best medical spas, and his Mommy Makeover are here to help mom’s across Canada easily regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. And with plenty of opportunities to flaunt a sexy body on the horizon, this is a great way to drastically improve happiness and confidence.


How to Get Your Ideal Body: Your Mommy Makeover

Dr. Adibfar’s Mommy Makeover is a series of tailored and personalized surgical procedures that target trouble areas that many moms can sympathize with. This includes loose skin, sagging breasts, stubborn fat deposits, large abdomen, and lost volume in the breasts. Many women also look to restore their vaginal appearance and enhance sensation lost during childbirth.


A Mommy Makeover is a great option for all moms, whether you’ve given birth naturally or through C-section. And while you may consider this option to revert to your post-pregnancy body after your first child, the Mommy Makeover should likely be considered only after you have made the decision to stop having children. “We often recommend this because many of the results we deliver through the Mommy Makeover procedure could potentially be reversed during the child birthing process,” explained Dr. Adibfar.


Benefits of Our Mommy Makeover

There are several advantages of the Mommy Makeover when it comes to achieving your ideal body and beauty goals. A main benefit of this unique treatment is that it uses multiple procedures simultaneously. This means that patients are only required to go under the knife once and only have to worry about one recovery experience.


In addition, not only is the Mommy Makeover a more cost-efficient way of making improvements to your body, you can also achieve a more consistent, harmonized change when the multiple procedures are done at the same time by the same plastic surgeon.


“While the procedure is not intended to be a weight-loss solution and is more often considered only after losing significant pregnancy weight, patients who undergo this series of cosmetic improvements are able to achieve a more toned and youthful body,” explains Dr. Adibfar, one of the best plastic surgeons in Toronto.


Procedure & Recovery: Your Ideal Body Transformation

The Mommy Makeover combines several surgical procedures aimed at revitalizing specific areas most often of concern for moms. In partnership with our top-tier plastic surgery team patients can design their own perfect combination to meet their unique body transformation needs and aesthetic goals.


Through a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Ali Adibfar and his team will help you design the perfect Mommy Makeover for you depending on your budget, timeline and individual health requirements. Though the list is non-exhaustive, common Mommy Makeover procedures include:

  • Breast lift and/or augmentation
  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
  • Vaginal tightening and/or labiaplasty

It’s important to know that the recovery time for the Mommy Makeover varies depending on the number and type of procedures that a patient chooses to undergo.


Getting Your Ideal Body With the Help of a Breast Lift and/or Augmentation

A breast lift is designed to improve and restore the breasts, while an augmentation is aimed at increasing size and improving volume. Both are options in the Mommy Makeover and we will help you decide which is best for you.

The lift is traditionally completed by making three small incisions. The nipple is moved to a higher position while the skin is pulled down to give a new shape to the breast.


A breast augmentation, on the other hand, requires a more detailed conversation in order to decide which type of implant (whether silicone, saline or otherwise) and incision is required to achieve the desired look.


Getting Your Ideal Body With the Help of an Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

The majority of Mommy Makeover procedures are centered on the tummy tuck, as the abdominal area is by-and-large the area most impacted by childbirth. Dr. Adibfar will help you decide whether a full or mini tummy tuck is right for you. In a full tummy tuck, incisions are made from hip to hip and around the navel. Unwanted tissue and skin is removed and the whole abdominal wall is tightened. Another option is the mini tummy tuck, which involves only one incision along the bikini line to correct skin below the navel, while liposuction is used to improve the remainder.


The timeline for recovery for an abdominoplasty is significant because of what is being done to your body. The total recovery can take anywhere between two to four weeks. Recovery from a mini tummy tuck is considerably shorter.


Getting Your Ideal Body With the Help of a Vaginal Tightening and/or Labiaplasty

Many mothers also elect to undergo a labiaplasty or vaginoplasty as part of their Mommy Makeover in order to improve and rejuvenate their genitalia. This can be left loose, uncomfortable and unsatisfying after childbirth. A labiaplasty is often sought by women who look to reduce the size of the labia, correct asymmetry and improve its appearance and shape. A vaginoplasty can help tighten the vaginal muscles to improve contraction and sexual experience.


All incisions will be hidden within the natural contours of your body, and all discomfort and swelling will disappear within a few weeks of the procedure.