Your Facelift Should Look Natural

Naturally several different areas of the face change over the years and decades. More mature patients may notice jowls developing, or that their neck appears older than their actual age. For many of these patients, internally they feel energized and full of life, however, upon looking in the mirror, their reflection tells a different story — one that appears tired, worn, and in need of a vacation. Some of board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar’s most satisfied patients are those who’ve undergone a facelift. They express how pleased they are to have done the procedure and happy to discover that the consultation options were well matched to their goals. Certainly, they are happy to find a newly returned confidence that they didn’t even realize they lost over the years and could not rave more over their natural-looking results.


Every patient’s nightmare may be the stereotypical fear of unnatural looking results that will make their skin and face look stretched and unduly tight. At Elements Spa, Dr. Adibfar and his astute and experienced medically-trained team strive to create a surgical plan and results that don’t change the look of a patient, but rather help them to appear as better versions of themselves. This is done utilizing Dr. Adibfar’s specialized facelift techniques that are meticulously tailored to each facelift patient. Upon doing a bit of research online, you may find that there are hundreds of different kinds of facelift procedures — that can be confusing, right?


The truth is, there are a handful (not hundreds) all which can be customized and best suited to the needs of every patient. Some patients may need to address solely the lower third of their face. Others may need more extensive work leading up to the temples. The key to natural results is a board-certified surgeon who has ample experience having performed multiple facelifts utilizing various techniques with many patients, as well as the patient themselves.


While it’s never too late to subtly turn back the clock, there certainly is a ‘sweet spot’ for patients getting a facelift. If you notice that your face is starting to change shape — including deeper creases along with your mouth and chin, as well as sagging skin across the cheeks and jaw — it may be a good time to look at a facelift procedure. The best time to perform a facelift procedure is while the patient’s skin and tissue quality are still pleasing. That means that the skin will be easier to work with, healing will happen more swiftly, and the patient can expect better, more natural-looking results. Typically, patients don’t want their peers to notice that they’ve had extensive surgery to their face, rather they’d like to appear fresher and more rejuvenated.


Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar crafts and tailors each facelift procedure via techniques that best suit the patient’s skin and underlying facial and neck structures. After a full recovery, patients see much improvement in the look and feel of their skin, as well as smoother and firmer skin, with a brighter and more rejuvenated complexion. With specially-tailored techniques and incision placement — refined by Dr. Adibfar over the decades — alongside a well-informed patient who adheres to the post-operative recovery instructions, results are assured to leave patients satisfied with their natural-looking and rejuvenated facelift results.


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