Why Do Women Get Revision Labiaplasty?

Sadly, some patients aren’t thrilled or satisfied with the results of their labiaplasty. Perhaps the surgeon they chose was not an expert or was not experienced in performing vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Sometimes even outdated or unsafe techniques can lead to poor recovery and displeasing results. Always seek the expertise of a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Elements Spa’s Dr. Adibfar. Utilizing the latest technologies and most advanced techniques alongside years of successful experience, you can be sure that you’d be in the right surgeon’s hands.

Let’s take a close look at why some women seek revision labiaplasty!


What is a labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure within the family of vaginal rejuvenating surgeries. The goal is to correct the labia by ensuring more symmetry and removing excess skin on the lips of the labia. The labia is essentially made smaller and shorter to appear more clean and symmetrical. Here are some reasons why a patient may seek further revisions.



Incisions always leave scars. Some are more prominent than others. To ensure the least visible scar, choose a surgeon who is experienced. Dr. Adibfar utilizes his tailored techniques to assure less scarring and an easier recovery alongside beautiful results. Poor results from a labiaplasty can lead to excessive scar tissue. This can become uncomfortable, especially for those who live a physically active lifestyle. This painful excess scar tissue leads patients to our office to correct the results from their previous labiaplasty.



Many patients seek a labiaplasty to achieve symmetry because vaginas can naturally appear asymmetrical. The results of a well-executed labiaplasty will leave your labia looking symmetrical. Unfortunately, poor techniques can still leave your labia looking asymmetrical even after a full recovery to the area. Each side of the labia minora should essentially be the same length. If the lengths still appear uneven and/or the surgeon hasn’t removed enough excess tissue, a patient will often opt for a revision labiaplasty.


Uneven Incision Lines

Dr. Adibfar makes small incisions during a labiaplasty to remove the excess skin or tissue on the labia minora. A well-performed labiaplasty will result in the least amount of scarring and no irregularities. Uneven incision lines can create thick and textured scarring which is not appealing and can leave the patient with painful results. In this case, patients seek a revision labiaplasty to remove any unsightly bumpy or thick scarring.


To minimize your chances of needing a labiaplasty revision, we always recommend that you choose a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon with expertise in vaginal rejuvenation surgeries. Choosing the right surgeon is imperative to achieving a smooth recovery, as well as, the best results possible!


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