What Is Calf Implant Recovery Like?

Many women and men love the look of more sculpted calves. Having more shapely calves can also improve the symmetry and proportions of a man or woman’s legs and lower body. In this article we’ll explore how board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar performs calf augmentation safely and with results that his patients rave about.


The Calf Augmentation Procedure

Calf augmentation involves inserting implants to the back of patients’ calves. Dr. Adibfar carefully makes incisions in the back of the knees and creates a pocket in the calf in order to insert the implant carefully. Once the implant is secured, the incision is closed and the recovery process begins!


Calf augmentation is a surgical procedure that will require that patients rest and recovery after surgery. The recovery process is vital in order to assure a smooth adjustment and results that are natural looking. Calf implant recovery varies depending on the patient and their constitution, as well as how well they adhere to Dr. Adibfar’s recovery instructions. Typically a full recovery takes 4-6 weeks.


Post-operation Care

Immediately after surgery, patients will need to keep their legs elevated often to reduce swelling. The incisions behind the knees will also need to be tended to and kept clean and dry to reduce chance of infection. Patients will be asked to use crutches to get around and can engage in short relaxing walks after the first week, however, should avoid strenuous exercises for the remainder of the recovery. After the first few weeks, patients will notice a drastic reduction in bruising and swelling however the full scope of results may not make itself clear for several months as the implants aclimate to the body. Follow up appointments will need to be attended to assure the recovery’s healthy progression as well as continuing to follow the surgeon’s recovery instructions.


By the fifth and sixth week of recovery, patients will notice minimal swelling and substantially less discomfort. After accessing, Dr. Adibfar will give patients his approval to engage in more strenuous physical activities and the full results will appear shortly after.


Calf Implant Results

While typically recovery from calf augmentation lasts between 4-6 weeks, every patient’s body is unique and therefore will heal differently. To ensure the best possible results, choose a qualified board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon who is experienced in calf augmentation and will take the time to explain every step of the procedure and recovery in detail.


With a little patience and a surgeon that can deliver beautiful results, you’ll be thrilled to see the natural-looking yet impactful results after your recovery from calf augmentation.


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