What are the Benefits of a Body Lift?

A body lift is a procedure performed on patients with loose redundant skin, tissue, and fat after having undergone massive weight loss. These areas of the body include the abdominals, thighs, buttocks, love handles, and back. Fortunately, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar helps these patients complete their body transformation by helping them let go of the remaining unwanted fat and skin via surgical removal. After full recovery patients are the happiest they’ve ever been — proud to finally be able to flaunt their new bodies in new clothes after having worked so hard to lose the weight and change their lifestyle. As a result of this life-changing surgery, these patients experience phenomenal benefits which we’ll be discussing in this article.


While it is certainly obvious that excessive weight loss can provide a patient with a new lease on life, sometimes the presence of excess remaining skin and fat can really put a damper on a patient’s self-esteem. After finally achieving the realistic silhouette they desire via Dr. Adibfar’s help, patients find their lives change for the better in ways they could have never imagined. After a full recovery, a body lift can improve a patient’s quality of life in many ways. Patients are able to physically move more freely, choose the clothes they desire, and let go of any psychological issues anchored in their former weight.


Patients find that their body lift results give them increased healthy self-esteem and contribute to a much healthier state of mind. These patients also experience a more positive body image and may feel more adventurous in achieving any personal endeavors. Patients also experience more pleasure and comfort in more intimate scenarios.


These patients see other small cumulative benefits including improved overall posture and ease of physical movement. Many of these patients now feel comfortable going to the gym and participating in workouts they would have never engaged in at their former weight. Because they no longer have redundant skin and tissue, patients can also get through their workout more easily and comfortably. After a full recovery, patients are thrilled to be able to wear more fitted clothing without the physical discomfort of tugging at their skin and hard indentations.


Before undergoing a body lift, these patients often report that the excess skin and fat does impact their relationships and social lives. Once removed, these individuals feel freer from self-conscious thoughts and less restricted in their interactions. The surge in confidence allows them to become more social and extroverted while experiencing a new sense of confidence and self-esteem.


As a result of their new and improved body image, the positive psychological effects from a body lift are quite obvious. Patients are absolutely thrilled with their firmer, more toned physique and therefore experience a tremendous increase in well-being and overall happiness. Of course, the results of this surgery would also allow for patients to feel more comfortable in the bedroom. Patients report that their intimate relationships have improved along with their confidence and sexual satisfaction. It is also safe to say that the results of a body lift can give these patients a new life free from self-conscious thoughts, hesitation, depression, anxiety, negative body image, and more. With the expertise of board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar, these patients are able to better live their lives to their potential and experience more happiness and well-being alongside a beautiful and attractive silhouette.


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