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Treatment for Volume Loss on Cheeks

A question from RealSelf.



Volume loss on cheeks: Looking for recommendations to restore the lost cheek volume due to the long process of dissolving an overfill of juvaderm. I’m a very fit and lean women 45 years of age. I prefer to stay on the conservative side of treatments.


Answer from your Toronto plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Adibfar

Judging from your photos , you display mild to moderate amounts of mid face deflation as well as mild descent.


You would benefit from a non surgical Liquid Facelift . I commonly use a Hyaluronic Acid such as Teosyal Ultimate. This product has the optimum cohesivity and lift capability to achieve a long lasting and natural lift.


However , I am sure you are well aware that it’s not the “product” that gives you the result that you are searching rather the “artistic eyes and hands” that apply it!


During a formal consultation, I would be able to cover other options such as fat grafting or a mini facelift.


See the pictures here.


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