Upper Lip Lifts for Transgenders

Transitioning from a male to more female profile involves careful consideration of various physical details which work in unison to give the obvious impression of a more masculine or feminine appearance. And while this subtle detail may seem insignificant, many patients undergoing facial feminization surgery find it difficult to complete their transition without addressing their lip shape. Men and women naturally have characteristically different lip shapes, of which when adjusted safely and properly, lend remarkable results that transgender patients undergoing facial feminization are thrilled to call their own. 

Lip augmentation has become a very popular surgical procedure for both men and women, as well as patients undergoing lip feminization. Masculine lip shapes vary greatly from those of females and in various ways. Men typically have a longer upper lip which leaves less to no visibility of the upper teeth. Their upper lips also usually project less, if at all, and are generally a lot thinner than those of females. A female’s beautiful upper lip tends to project more revealing a sensuous pout that typically uncovers some of her upper teeth. The distance between the top of the lip and the base of the nostrils also tends to be shorter than those of males, giving them a more petite facial frame. 

Dr. Adibfar has extensive experience assessing patients and supporting them through the most important transition of their lives. As a Board-certified oral, maxillofacial and cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar specializes in facial feminization surgeries and possesses a unique understanding of female and male biology to lend optimal results while assuring the utmost safety of his transitioning patients. Patients should not only seek the expertise of a board-certified surgeon, but also one who has had considerable successful experience performing feminization surgeries like Dr. Adibfar. The upper lip is a delicate area, and over the years the upper lip lift procedure has changed drastically to greatly improve a patient’s recovery and natural-looking results if performed properly. 

While many resources online claim there to be a specific mathematical formula relaying the exact measurements for ‘the perfect lip,’ we argue that any augmentation, especially of the upper lip, is always best performed when specifically suited to the individual patient. What proves vital to the success of an upper lip lift relies on the experience of the cosmetic plastic surgeon. Surgeons who haven’t performed many upper lip lifts run the risk of lending their patients unnatural looking results. This happens a lot. After having had an upper lip lift, some patients are left with issues such as scarring at the base of nose, loss of definition between the lip and nose itself, and/or widening or altered shape of the nostrils.

With an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Dr. Adibfar, all these complications are avoided utilizing proper technique and an efficient procedure that can take as little as 30 minutes to complete. Dr. Adibfar begins by administering local anesthesia, then makes a wave-like “bull horn” incision to cut away excess skin that follows across the base of the nose while making any necessary adjustments to assure balance across the top of the lip. The segment of skin is then removed making the upper lip shorter, naturally revealing more of the upper teeth and causing the lips to project for a more feminine pout. The segment is then carefully secured with stitches which are typically left in for 4-5 days before having them removed. 

Full recovery typically takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks as the carefully placed incision line begins to fade and the swelling and bruising subside. Over time the scar becomes practically undetectable. After full recovery, patients are thrilled with their more characteristically feminine lips. Their upper lip shows improved definition and volume along the border, better feminine facial balance and overall a more sensual, youthful appearance. More modified techniques of the upper lip lift can also address a patient’s droopy corners of the mouth for a more lifted, younger-looking profile. 

If you’re looking for an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon with the routine experience of having performed feminization surgeries alongside the support of his highly-trained and regarded medical staff, then Elements’ Dr. Adibfar may be of assistance to you during this emotional, as well as exciting transition period. 

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