Transgender Surgeries: Forehead and Brow Bone Reshaping

Facial feminization has come to be an increasingly popular topic of plastic surgery, and press coverage has grown with the number of celebrities undergoing facial feminization procedures. By definition, facial feminization is a group of surgical procedures that allow a face to look more feminine and attractive. The arduous process that takes place to physically transform is generally unknown, and the landscape of the transgender community continues to change with new and more efficient techniques allowing for quicker recovery periods and more attractive results. In this article, we’ll be looking at forehead and brow bone reshaping for a more feminine looking face.


Have you ever thought about what facial features allow a person to look more feminine or masculine? It may be hard to pinpoint by memory but the messages that are sent to our brains when looking at an individual sends clear signals as to whether they are male or female. Key features and evolutionary traits make a woman look more feminine. The most significant area is the forehead or upper third of the face. Let’s explore the substantial differences between genders.


Males have a prominent brow and bossing typically making the eyes look smaller and darker. The bossing also casts shadows on the eyes keeping them from reflecting much light. Women, however, have flatter foreheads, more arched eyebrows, and lack the hair loss often seen along a male’s hairline. During facial feminization surgery, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar aims to take any features of a patient’s face that send messages of masculinity, and changes them to messages that are iconically feminine and more beautiful.


During forehead and brow bone reshaping, Dr. Adibfar eliminates as much hairline recession as possible by bringing the hairline forward. He also works to open up the patient’s eyes and contour the eyebrows to a more feminine shape. This will include reshaping the forehead bone. In many cases, it also involves the removal of some bone that is contoured and placed back for a more feminine forehead that appears flatter, shorter, and more delicate. Eyebrows also appear more raised and arched, with the hairline lowered and any severe ridges over the eyes removed.


While this procedure does sound daunting, when performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, it can be performed very safely with a reasonably speedy recovery. Transitioning patients are very satisfied and ecstatic with their results. Board-certified cosmetic plastic Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained team are honoured and feel incredibly privileged to be a part of any patient’s transgender surgery. To help someone feel more comfortable with themselves and their body is an opportunity that we don’t take lightly and the satisfaction that comes with being able to give our patients the freedom to truly be themselves is immeasurable.


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