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Tips for a Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Recovery

Our professional cosmetic plastic surgery team performs a very wide range of facial, ancillary and body procedures on both men and women. But one of the most common is breast augmentation. However, we are seeing liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts and Mommy Makeovers growing in popularity.


As your board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon in Toronto, I pride myself on maintaining industry leading techniques to deliver the most comfortable and safe cosmetic plastic surgery procedures possible. When it comes to a breast augmentation, we always look to achieve a beautifully natural and harmonized appearance.


While the plastic surgery techniques we use are industry-leading, one of the most important things for a great breast augmentation (as with every procedure) is recovery. Our team put together some great tips to help you have a great breast augmentation recovery. Let’s take a closer look:


1. Start with the right size.

A great breast augmentation recovery starts during the consultation phase. Together we’ll plan out a detailed breast augmentation procedure that ensures the end result is harmonized, proportionate and naturally beautiful. Selecting the right size will help deliver more satisfied results and will often lead to a quicker breast augmentation recovery.


2. Follow the pre- and post-surgical care regiment provided by our team.

Over the years, our professional cosmetic plastic surgery team has developed a very detailed pre- and post-surgical care program that was designed to improve results and ensure your breast augmentation recovery is quick and comfortable. Together we’ll review your breast augmentation recovery process step-by-step so you can make your cosmetic plastic surgery experience enjoyable.


3. Wear the right bra. It makes a HUGE difference.

Our plastic surgery team provides you with an industry-leading support bra that you will have the pleasure of wearing for the first eight weeks. It’s important that your breasts are supported and comfortable.


It’s also important not to wear anything with an underwire. Although common in many bras, this can actually damage your breasts, cause skin irritations and reduce the likelihood of a speedy breast augmentation recovery.


4. Take care of your scars.

While scarring is part of the process, there are ways to reduce how noticeable they are. Our industry-leading cosmetic plastic surgery techniques are designed to decrease the appearance of scarring by minimizing incisions and placing them in areas that are out of sight.


While our team does everything in our power to reduce scarring, you have an important task as well. It’s important to follow our post-surgical care guide, which was designed to help you take care of your incisions. This includes things to avoid like sun tanning and products to help you heal faster.


Properly taking care of your incisions will improve your breast augmentation recovery and reduce the appearance of any scars.


5. Choose a cosmetic plastic surgeon that you can trust.

Ensuring your breast augmentation recovery is a success starts with selecting a great plastic surgeon. You want a plastic surgeon you can trust. It’s important to select one that employs the most current cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, places safety ahead of everything else, is open and transparent during the consultation phase, is board certified, and is willing to discuss every detail with you.


You might find it useful to review some before and after photos of patients we’ve worked with in the past. We’ve performed many breast augmentation procedures on women just like you. Click here to see their transformative results.


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