The Perfect Profile 

Cosmetic plastic surgery will never be a one-procedure-fits-all type discipline. When it comes to creating facial balance and the perfect profile, the only way to affect positive change is via the skill and artistry of your surgeon. While an astute knowledge of human biology and anatomy is necessary, your surgeon must possess a sense of artistry and an aesthetic eye that allows for such facial balance, harmony and symmetry to be created. 

Elements Spa’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, and oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Adibfar, has acquired the experience, knowledge and proficiency to accurately assess his individual patients and give them the best possible results according to their desires and goals. Before undergoing any procedure, please make certain you do ample research on the board-certified plastic surgeon who choose to perform your surgery. Let’s look at facial balance and profiles in more detail.

Many patients walk into our office unhappy with specific facial features. Some may be displeased with their large and/or crooked noses; others with their protruding ears or weak chins; some with their lack of cheekbone or jaw structure. All these features (and more) combine to create facial balance and a profile that can appear disproportioned if one or more features tend to over or under display themselves. A perfectly proportioned facial profile has scientifically been proven to be more attractive. These ratios work together to create an attractive, well-proportioned face. Often disharmony is present when features are not within balanced ratios. Features that create a great profile include the cheekbones, nose, chin, forehead and lips to name a few. 

Those with weak or receding chins and jaws appear more timid, less confident and attractive. While others with well defined jaws and strong chins relay strength, confidence, power and desirability, especially among men! There are various options for those who desire a stronger chin and jaw profile. For those looking for a permanent surgical solution, the popular chin implant is used to achieve this look. This is a simple and quick procedure that requires little downtime and a small unnoticeable scar just underneath the chin, making it virtually undetectable. For those seeking a more temporary nonsurgical solution, Dr. Adibfar injects dermal fillers into the chin where it lacks volume and requires projection. This will require upkeep however proves a great option for those that can not afford downtime. 

Patients who undergo rhinoplasties are very aware of their noses’ profile. When performing a rhinoplasty, Dr. Adibfar makes certain that the nose looks well balanced and proportioned to the patient’s face from all angles, and on either profile. These patients are typically the most satisfied after their noses are fully healed. They not only feel more self-assured when taking photos, but are also less modest and more confident in daily life.

The forehead and brows also play a major role in relaying facial balance and an attractive profile. Men’s foreheads and brow bones tend to ridge and protrude causing a shadow, while women’s are smoother and more vertical. Many transgender patients undergo facial feminization procedures that address the forehead and brow bone to make them appear more characteristically feminine, which is especially noticeable upon viewing one’s profile. 

At Elements Spa, we love working with patients who seek realistic improvement to their facial profiles with results that are modest and natural-looking while still providing impact. Click here to view various before and after profiles of patients who’ve undergone rhinoplasties, rejuvenation via fillers, facelifts, chin implants and more. As you’ll notice, the results are never overdone, but show marked improvement of their profiles and overall facial balance while also providing the added benefit of youthfulness and rejuvenation.

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