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Explore the Many Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is more than just a cosmetic procedure. It’s a way to renew your appearance and youthfulness. As we get older, our eyelids can begin to show the inevitable signs of aging. Droopy eyelids, wrinkles and lines often begin to form as the years pass by. This tends to make us look and feel older than we actually are. But there’s an easy solution that men and women across Toronto are taking advantage of.


Eyelid surgery is growing in popularity,” explains Dr. Ali Adibfar, the medical director of Toronto’s top medial spas. “This is largely because it’s extremely effective and can deliver a variety of benefits, including enhancing a person’s confidence.”


Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits this revolutionary plastic surgery procedure can offer.


Reducing the Appearance of Fine Lines

Eyelid surgery isn’t often performed to address the fine lines that are part of the aging process. However, most patients will see significant improvements when it comes to these tell-tale signs of growing old. By lifting both the upper and lower eyelid, you will notice a reduction in the appearance of lines that are found around the corners of your eyes. We often also recommend a skin rejuvenation treatment like a chemical peel or microdermabrasion to smooth out the creases and create a beautiful appearance.


Getting Rid of Bags Under the Eyes

Under eye bags can make you look old, fatigued and worn out. Do you look like you haven’t slept for days? It’s time to do something about it. A lower eyelid lift performed by a highly experienced plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue below the eye. This process eliminates under eye bags – making you look revitalized and energized. When combined with a medical peel, this procedure can also improve the appearance of dark circles that are common as we age.


Seeing Clearer

Heavy, drooping eyelid skin can be more than just a cosmetic issue. If you have extra fat deposits building up on the eyelid, you may be noticing that it’s impairing your line of vision. A targeted eyelid surgery can remove the excess fat and skin that makes seeing difficult. You’ll be able to see clearer because you won’t have to use your brow to raise your eyelids and you’ll look younger in the process.


Looking and Feeling Refreshed

Eyelid surgery is becoming a go-to plastic surgery procedure to effectively give your face a rejuvenated appearance. The eyes really are a focal point. They say a lot about us. Some may say they define our beauty. If you have droopy eyelids, bags, dark circles and lines, they might be telling the wrong story.


“Eyelid surgery is a great way to enhance the shape of your eyes as well,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “Since the eyes are a central focal point for a person’s appearance, this can have significant benefits. We’ve be able to deliver incredible results for years – giving people the appearance they’ve always wanted and enhancing their overall lifestyle.”


The Bottom Line

Whether you’re undergoing eyelid surgery alone or combing it with other procedures, our team is confident that the results you’ll see won’t just be incredible, but they’ll be life changing. “Besides enhancing your appearance and beauty, eyelid surgery can drastically improve your confidence,” says Dr. Adibfar.


If you think eyelid surgery is for you, contact us today. It’s important to partner with a board certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience performing eyelid surgeries. “During your initial consultation, we’ll review your body, needs and goals in incredible detail,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “This will allow us to recommend the best approach to meet your beauty expectations. It’s also a great way to get to know each other and it gives you the opportunity to ask any question you may have.”