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The Incredible Benefits of a Breast Lift

What are the benefits of a breast lift? This is a common question we receive daily. You might have asked yourself this question too. Breast augmentation procedures, including breast lift procedures, are changing the way women look and feel. “A woman’s breasts are a defining feature of her beauty, femininity and appearance,” explains Dr. Ali Adibfar, the medical director of a top-rated Toronto medical spa. “As women pursue the most beautiful versions of themselves, many will look for ways to enhance their breasts and overall appearance.”


As a woman ages or experiences significant weight loss, the breasts can begin to sag. This can cause a lot of anxiety and even lead women to be unhappy with their appearance. The benefits of a breast lift procedure are many. These benefits can help address a number of common issues by restoring sagging breasts to their once firm, perky and harmonized shape. “Breast lifts have the ability to drastically improve a woman’s appearance,” says Dr. Adibfar, a leader in the Toronto plastic surgery industry. “Breast lifts not only redefine the shape and appearance of a woman’s breasts, but it helps restore her youthful, feminine figure that makes them feel attractive, sexy and confident.”


The popularity of this procedure is growing at a rapid pace. “The America Society of Plastic Surgeons found that breast lifts have increased 70% since 2000 and are actually outpacing breast implants 2 to 1,” says Dr. Adibfar.


The Benefits of a Breast Lift: How Does it Improve My Appearance?

Breast lift procedures are actually quite simple. But they have the ability to completely redefine a woman’s appearance. “Our team of expert plastic surgery professionals will remove excess, stretched skin, reshape the breast tissue and raise the nipple and areola so it’s in a more forward and natural position,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “During the procedure, if the patient has a large areolae, we will reduce the size so everything is proportioned and natural looking.”


Breasts change over time. It’s a natural process. As we age, our breasts will lose that youthful, firm appearance we love. This is due to our skin loosing its elasticity and can often be a result of many things, including:

  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • The natural effects of gravity
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuations

The benefits of a breast lift can help rejuvenate your appearance by getting back the firmness, youthfulness and perkiness that you’ve been missing.


Why Do Women Get Breast Lifts?

There are many reasons why a woman may want to undergo a breast lift procedure. It’s a common procedure for those looking to meet their individual beauty goals. “We perform many breast lift procedures at our Yorkville plastic surgery clinic,” says Dr. Ali Adibfar. “While they’re all looking for firmer, perkier breasts, they may have different reasons for selecting this procedure.”


Some of the most common reasons women choose to recieve the benefits of a breast lift surgery include:

  • Restoring the breast shape following pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Enjoying firmer, perkier breasts because they have a droopy breast profile
  • Improving the breast’s contours after significant weight loss
  • Restoring a woman’s youthful vitality by enhancing her overall appearance

The following are common things you may be experiencing that the benefits of a breast lift can address:

  • Breasts are not equal in size or proportion
  • Breasts are relatively small
  • Nipples and areolae point downward
  • One breast may appear firm while the other does not
  • Breasts have reduced firmness
  • Breasts appear droopy or sag


Questions to Ask Yourself: The Benefits of a Breast Lift

It’s important to note that the best way to determine whether a breast lift is the right procedure for you is to book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Adibfar. He will be able to review your body, needs and goals in detail. “Relying on a trusted plastic surgeon who has years of experience performing breast lift procedures will help you select the procedure that is best suited to meet your expectations,” says Dr. Ali Adibfar. “However, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine whether this might be a plastic surgery procedure that’s a viable option.”

  • Do my nipples seem to be pointing downward?
  • Am I happy with the my breast size?
  • Have I become unhappy with the appearance of my breasts after pregnancy?
  • Are my breasts asymmetrical or disproportionate to each other?
  • Does my nipple sit below the crease of my breast?
  • Do my breasts feel droopy?


What Breast Lift Procedures Can’t Do

It’s important to know that breast lift procedures won’t actually increase the size or volume of your breasts. If you’re in search of larger breasts, contact us to discuss other breast augmentation procedures available to meet your needs.
Before and After: Breast Augmentations
Want to see some results? Explore some before and after photos of people who have trusted Dr. Adibfar with their breast transformation.