The Fastest Growing Surgery in the Last Decade

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like the Kardashians get that beautiful hourglass shape? Most women would love to have an amazingly small waist, a round perky backside, and great curves. Well, sometimes these women get a little help. Today we’ll be discussing one of the fastest-growing popular procedures in the last decade: the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Essentially, the proce-dure involves liposuction to areas our patients are self-conscious about, alongside areas that are ge-netically bigger than other areas such as abdomen, waist, and hips. That fat is then transferred to the buttocks.


Many female patients are concerned about excess fat along the stomach and hips. Patients may carry a lot of weight along the upper arms as well. These women confess that they feel their bodies have no shape and desire a more sculpted feminine silhouette. For many women, an hourglass shape ap-pears ideal and attractive and they come to board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar to achieve a slim waist and great curves. Achieving an hourglass shape is not about losing weight or becoming skinny, but rather having the right proportions and ratios in curvature for a beautifully feminine silhouette.


Liposuction is typically performed on the abdomen, around the waist, as well as back and arms. Lit-tle entry points are made (and hidden) to allow for the power-assisted liposuction cannula to accu-rately access the unwanted fat. The pressure applied for liposuction is very low to preserve fat and stem cells. Whereas in most cases the excess fat is discarded, with a BBL the fat is salvaged to en-hance the buttocks, and possibly other areas like the lips and cheeks. This excess fat proves very useful as it helps shape the body’s proportions by filling in areas during the entire rejuvenation pro-cess. An advantage of using fat as filler is that it also lasts longer than traditional synthetic fillers. Fat cells regenerate wherever they’re placed which makes it incredibly useful.


Once the fat is harvested and purified it is carefully placed into the buttocks. Typically Dr. Adibfar injects as much fat as possible within the limitations. If you inject too much, the pressure can cause death to the fat cells. Also because 100% of the fat cells injected don’t survive, your surgeon will want to overcompensate by injecting a bit more. Injecting with the appropriate amount is therefore incredibly important.


Recovery from BBL is typically anywhere from 1-2 weeks with no strenuous exercise for 3-4 weeks. Our patients are thrilled that after full recovery they get the boost of confidence they’ve never had from having a more shapely silhouette. The results speak for themselves, with a more tapered, slimmer silhouette and more voluminous, perky and firm buttocks. It’s also great to note that the re-sults from this surgery last whether you gain weight or not. That means that if you gain weight, you’ll become a larger version of that shape or silhouette, and if you lose weight you’ll become a thinner version. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions as well as to find out if you’re a good candidate for BBL!


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