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The 3 Types of Arm Lifts

If you have excess tissue, fat, and skin around your upper arms then arm lifts may be the procedure you’ve been looking for! Whether it be due to genetics or massive weight loss, having lax or flabby arms can be hard for anyone. This excess can make it hard to dress in one’s desired clothing or be comfortable during warmer seasons. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar’s expertise in performing various arm lift procedures allows for results that are seamless and tailored to each patient’s unique body. Let’s take a closer look at three of the most popular arm lift procedures! 


Mini Arm Lift

Contrary to popular belief, an arm lift doesn’t always have to include an extensive incision. The first procedure we’ll be discussing is the mini arm lift. With this procedure, big incisions and scars are not needed to get a good lift and profile for the arms. A good candidate for this procedure is someone with some extra tissue but no excess skin. In this case, Dr. Adibfar only needs to make small and minimal incisions close to the elbow and insert the liposuction cannula in order to remove the excess fatty tissue. The liposuction cannula is run underneath the arm to decrease the bulk tissue and after the procedure, patients wear a compression garment to allow time for the skin to contract and compress to its new position. 


Standard Arm Lift

The standard arm lift requires an incision that runs on the inside of the arm into the underarm. This arm lift is good for patients who have some bulk but also excess loose skin that hangs vertically. These patients might also have mild to moderate levels of loose skin. A combination of excision of lax skin with liposuction to decrease the bulk in the area is most often required. Adhering to Dr. Adibfar’s post operative instructions will help take tension off the incision and help minimize the amount of apparent scarring. Dr. Adibfar is also able to contour this arm into a better shape that appears more desirable to patients.


Extended Arm Lift

The third variation refers to the extended arm lift. This is typically performed for patients who have experienced significant weight loss. A scar appears longer and may start further down the arms. The incision can start on the forearm and stretch up the arm to the underarm. With patients showing excess on the sides of their chest, the scar may also be extended to the chest wall for a more seamless transition between the entire arm and the chest wall. 


Learn More About Arm Lifts with Dr. Adibfar

As with any plastic surgery, patients are cautioned to choose a highly experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. Your results and recovery will vary depending on the expertise, tailored techniques, and post-operative instructions of your surgeon. If you’d like to learn more about how Dr. Adibfar can custom tailor the arm lift procedure to you then feel free to get in touch with us to book a consultation.


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