Surgical Vaginal Tightening

Women of various ages experience sexual health issues that they feel embarrassed to speak to anyone about, including their physicians. Vaginal rejuvenation isn’t always discussed, but has become a very common problem among women. Board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar, and his experienced team of medical staff, empathize and understand that these are difficult topics, and therefore offer treatment options to let women know that these are issues that Dr. Adibfar can certainly help with and address.

Women often wonder what options they have regarding concerns below the belt. Some women notice their vagina feels looser since having a baby and that intercourse just isn’t as gratifying or pleasurable as it once was. Some of these same women also complain they feel uncomfortable and that their vaginal lips appear bulky, saggy and asymmetrical. Cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation can address these concerns, but for the sake of this article, we’ll be focusing on surgical vaginal tightening. Let’s take a closer look!

Over time, a woman’s pelvic floor muscles begin to weaken. This can be due to age and lifestyle, or after giving birth through the vaginal canal. As mentioned, these women feel as though their vagina feels loose resulting in a lack of sensation from sex, possibly undermining their confidence in themselves and their romantic relationships. This loss of tone and pelvic floor weakness can also lead to incontinence, further affecting a woman’s self-esteem. The need for surgical vaginal tightening in these cases is life-changing. And while the procedure may sound daunting, female patients will be happy to know that when performed by an experienced board-certified surgeon like Dr. Adibfar, the results are phenomenal with little downtime or discomfort involved. 

Surgical vaginal tightening essentially refers to tightening of the vagina’s walls or canal. Using absorbable sutures, Dr. Adibfar improves the muscle tone of the canal by reinforcing it and making it tighter. A small amount of the wall is removed, leaving the remaining tissue to be sutured together, making the canal smaller, decreasing the walls’ laxity and allowing for more sensation. This reconstructive surgery is done fairly quickly with either local or general anesthesia, and lends a recovery period of anywhere between 3-4 days up to one week. Patients have reported to have experienced very little pain and that after full recovery, their overall well being, confidence and sexual gratification have much improved.

This fairly straightforward procedure still needs to be handled delicately and solely by a very experienced board-certified surgeon like Dr. Adibfar. Surgeries performed by unqualified or discounted professionals can lend horrific results to this sensitive area and patients should therefore heed caution. Patients should also be skeptical of other vaginal tightening procedures offered that may be performed , however can not provide substantiated data to prove their effectiveness or safety. This could lead to women experiencing burning and scarring in this delicate area. 

For women also concerned about the aesthetics of this region, Dr. Adibfar can certainly address these common issues with Labiaplasty. This may include correcting a labia’s asymmetry, as well as the removal of excess tissue.

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