Surgeries on the Rise: Labiaplasty & Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are certainly gaining in popularity for various reasons. While many opt for this class of procedures for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, many more are turning to labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation for the medical, functional and emotional benefits. In this article, we’ll be examining both procedures while exploring the benefits that women rave over after having undergone vaginal rejuvenation. 

As with men, when women age all parts of their bodies change including their most intimate areas. A woman’s vagina can change in shape, colour and laxity over time depending on their genetics, lifestyle, as well as if they’ve given birth vaginally. Some women seek vaginal rejuvenation because they simply do not like the way it looks and would much prefer a more aesthetically pleasing, tidy and reasonably symmetrical vagina. 

Other women turn to labiaplasty and vaginal tightening after having given birth vaginally in order to restore their muscles’ structure. After delivering vaginally, women’s vaginal muscles can loosen causing urinary leakage and severe laxity. Many post-menopausal women also turn to vaginal rejuvenation to alleviate dryness and help their most sensitive areas develop more lubrication during more intimate encounters. 

Some of our most satisfied patients are those who undergo labiaplasty and rejuvenation for functional and/or medical reasons. Women seek relief from their board-certified plastic surgeon via labiaplasty. These are women whose labias extend or hang excessively causing them extreme discomfort, chafing and pain when wearing more fitted clothing, working out (ie. biking riding, horseback riding), and even during intercourse. Aside from the physical discomfort, many of these women feel incredibly reluctant to wear bathing suits, shorts and/or more fitted workout apparel in fear that the area will appear noticeable to others. The excess skin can also cause the area to develop extraneous moisture which can result in chronic yeast infections. 

It’s no wonder then that vaginal rejuvenation boasts such enormous benefits for women seeking these procedures for aesthetic and medical reasons. Let’s take a quick look at the difference between both procedures. Labiaplasty is a procedure that can be done via laser and involves removing the labia’s excess skin and/or fat. This allows the labia minora and majora to appear more proportioned, while alleviating any previous discomfort due to friction caused by the excess skin. Vaginal tightening refers to the muscles in the vaginal canal that are tightened. As mentioned, this procedure is especially helpful to women who’ve given birth vaginally and lost their muscular structure and tightness. These women are incredibly pleased and feel more confident in the bedroom as their sensations during intercourse are restored and heightened leaving them feeling rejuvenated. When a patient is the right candidate, these two procedures can work complimentary to ultimately sincerely change a woman’s confidence, sex life and overall quality of life. 

As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucially important to follow your board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon’s detailed instructions. Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained staff provide detailed pre- and post-operative care instructions to assure the area is kept safe, as well as to allow recovery to move swiftly and with little discomfort or complication. Patients are always urged to diligently research and ask questions to make sure they are performing the procedure with a qualified and experienced board-certified surgeon. This intimate class of procedures can lend magnificent results when performed by an experienced surgeon, and poor to mediocre results when settling with an inexperienced plastic surgeon. 

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