Surgeries For Men: Getting Rid of Excess Breast Tissue

This topic is a very common problem for many men. Gynecomastia refers to the over-development of male breast tissue and it affects young boys, teenagers, and grown men. These patients come into our office confessing how having excess breast tissue has affected them as young men growing up. As teenagers, many of these adolescents don’t feel comfortable in gym class or changing in the boys’ locker room. Others tread summer pool parties and days at the beach fearing that they’ll need to take their shirts off. You can see how this problem can greatly affect a young man both physically, emotionally and psychologically. Fortunately, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained team have helped many of these male patients regain their confidence and truly change their life for the better.

Gynecomastia may exist for many reasons. Some boys develop breast tissue during puberty due to excess estrogen levels in their bodies. Others may have breast tissue remaining after excessive weight loss, and some could have even developed tumors. Unfortunately for these men, there is no diet plan or exercise regimen that can reduce the size of their breasts because it’s breast tissue, not fat.

Breast reduction surgery goes very well for these patients. Dr. Adibfar can complete the procedure within approximately 3 hours depending on the patient and the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed. For most patients, a small simple incision is made along the bottom of the patient’s areola. From here Dr. Adibfar can access the breast tissue and remove it without having to make any more incisions. Before closing the incision, Dr. Adibfar is able to contour the area making certain that both sides of the patient’s chest are symmetrical and flattering. For more complicated scenarios, Dr. Adibfar may have to make an incision in the patient’s armpit to remove the tissue. The procedure will also vary slightly if the patient has excess lax tissue and skin.

For the men who undergo breast reduction surgery, the results and benefits are truly life-changing. After full healing, patients regain their confidence and feel more comfortable in fitted clothing. These patients also love being able to go to the beach with friends and family without the fear of social embarrassment from having a more feminine-looking chest.

To guarantee the best results — including minimal scarring, a reduction in tissue, a symmetrical chest, and revealed masculine musculature — patients should always seek the expertise of a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. While breast tissue reduction is the goal of the procedure, patients will also want to have the least amount of scarring possible, allowing for results that look natural rather than corrected.

If you are a male whose been suffering from having excess breast tissue, trying hard every day to conceal your chest under over-sized clothing and avoid specific social situations, then breast tissue reduction surgery may be a great option for you!

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