Non Surgical Butt Lift

Sculptra For Non Surgical Buttock Augmentation

Are you looking to add more volume to your buttocks without undergoing a surgical procedure? Would you be interested in learning more about a treatment that corrects any depressions or indentations of the buttocks with no need for downtime or recovery? Meet Sculptra, a gentle noninvasive filler that’s injected into areas of the buttocks to add volume while improving skin quality, tone and texture. 

How Does Sculptra Work?

While results of the procedure will be immediately noticeable, Sculptra works gradually over time to increase the body’s collagen production allowing for the buttocks to look fuller, smoother and with added projection. As we age, we naturally produce less collagen, resulting in poorer skin quality that may appear more lax and saggy. Sculptra helps the body to naturally build more collagen allowing for smoother and more youthful skin and buttock projection. 

The Procedure

Elements Spa’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar begins by analyzing the patient’s buttocks and marking any areas of concern to be treated during the procedure. These markings may indicate areas of depression and lacked volume which can display shadows over the buttocks. The patient is then prepared for the procedure by laying on their stomach. Dr. Adibfar will then numb the area and use a cannula to inject the solution. The solution is comprised of the filler, as well as water and a numbing medication to make the procedure more tolerable and comfortable. The cannula also allows the solution to be more easily and evenly distributed via access to only one pilot hole in the buttock rather than various needle holes. When Dr. Adibfar is complete with injecting both buttocks evenly and symmetrically, the patient is immediately able to carry on with their day, as well as any physical activity, making it an extremely efficient and quick procedure. 

Patients will immediately notice added volume in their buttocks. This volume is a result of the water contained in the filler’s solution. In the next day or so the water will disappear and the buttocks may more similarly resemble their original silhouette prior to having administered Sculptra. Patients should not feel worried or dissatisfied as this is routine and natural. Once the water is released and the buttocks resembles its former shape, the collagen will start to build exponentially and projection and volume will slowly begin to form naturally. The body quickly recognizes Sculptra as a foreign matter, and therefore wants to create a way to surround and isolate it. It does this by building collagen around the Sculptra, and eventually the Sculptra dissipates and the collagen remains in its place. 

Depending on the patient and their goals, he or she will need to come in for 3-5 more sessions evenly spaced 3-4 weeks apart. Patients will notice continuous improvement as their skin appears thicker and their buttocks fuller and smoother with less imperfections, irregularities or indentations. Sculptra is not only ideal for patients unwilling to undergo a surgical procedure or opt for implants. It’s also beneficial for patients who are very thin and lean, and who would love more volume however do not have enough fat to transfer from another area of their body (ex. hips, waist). 

Patients report the procedure to be quick and very tolerable with great results after their full series of treatments. Their buttocks displays a more youthful projection, improved overall contour and skin quality, as well as increased volume and fullness. If you’re looking to add volume and projection to your buttocks over time without undergoing a surgical procedure then Sculptra may be the option for you! Sculptra can also be used in combination with laser and/or fat grafting for optimal results. 

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