Recovery From Facial Feminization Surgery

Assisting patients undergoing transitions are some of the most satisfying moments at Toronto’s Elements Spa. Witnessing them finally achieve their desired physical facial changes and goals is a milestone to say the least and we’re happy to be able to supply these individuals with the care, knowledge and experience needed to get them from where they are to where they want to be. 

Facial feminization surgeries are no easy feat and these surgeries mark a big turning point in patients’ lives. While transitioning patients may yearn to opt for one or multiple procedures under this class, it’s vitally important that not only are they mentally and emotionally prepared, but also that they have diligently investigated their options in terms of board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons and their associated facilities. Patients should never feel pressured or hesitant to ask their surgeon questions regarding the procedure(s) and recovery, and should feel very comfortable knowing they’re in the best and most experienced hands to deliver the realistic results they desire. 

At Elements Spa, Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained staff are readily available during the process to assure that all queries are addressed and that the procedure’s details are divulged in full prior to undergoing surgery. Dr. Adibfar’s expertise and experience has lended him his renowned reputation, as well as his patients the results they longed for. Let’s take a closer look at the different surgeries of facial feminization. As with any class of procedures, every patient is different, presenting uniquely independent characteristics and features that may lend them to appear more masculine or feminine. All patients undergoing facial feminization will require different procedures (as well as techniques) to lend the more feminine results they desire. 

Some more obvious alterations are made to the forehead. A male’s forehead will more likely appear to have a hairline that’s more square and starts further back from the forehead. As well, men tend to have a more prominent and protruding brow bone or ridge causing more severe shadows around the eyes. The transition between the patient’s forehead and nose will also require astute attention as a smoother transition appears to be more characteristically feminine. Another common facial characteristic among males is a more prominent  and square jaw. This may require gently recontouring the jaw bone, as well as a possible reduction genioplasty to make the jaw appear more rounded and shorter rather than square. 

As you’ve just read, there are many variances of facial feminization procedures, each coming with their own post-operative recovery regimens and timelines. Whether these transitioning patients undergo one procedure or multiple simultaneously, they quite regularly will require patients to take at least 2 to 3 weeks off work and away from social gatherings or strenuous activities. When a procedure requires resetting and reshaping bone, the recovery typically lasts longer—closer to one month. These areas may include the jaw, chin, forehead and brow ridge. For those undergoing surgery to reshape the forehead and brow area, incisions are usually required to be made in the hairline, resulting in a feeling of numbness at the crown of the head that could last anywhere from a few weeks to months after surgery.

As months pass, swelling continues to subside and the more feminine traits take shape, patients will begin to see their facial silhouette and profile change. Facial feminization procedures can also include rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, upper lip lift, cheekbone implants or fat graft, eyebrow lifts, lower eyelid canthopexy , shaving of adam’s apple and more. It’s crucially important that patients adhere to board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar’s (and his knowledgable staff) detailed post operative recovery instructions, and should note that undergoing multiple procedures simultaneously may require patients to take more time out of their schedule to recover. 

Patients undergoing transitions seem to generally feel that these milestones allow them to feel more confident, as if having a weight lifted from many years of having to hide or feel insecure about specific facial characteristics that were holding them back. At Toronto’s Elements Spa, we are more than happy and privileged to be able to help any transitioning patients finally look the way they’ve felt inside all along.

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