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Global Plastic Surgery Trends

When it comes to beauty, there isn’t just one ideal standard that the world lives by, but there are many global plastic surgery trends that influence plastic surgery. Individuality is what makes us who we are. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. From body shape, proportionality, skin tone, symmetry and facial structure to everything in between, preferences are different even throughout a city like Toronto.


There is a worldwide desire to be “beautiful”. Your perception of beauty, body and sexiness is unique. But the desire to be the best looking you is alive and well around the world. Exercising, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle all contribute to this pursuit. But more men and women from across Toronto, Canada and the world are turning to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction and Mommy makeovers to help meet those diverse beauty goals.


Dr. Adibfar started to wonder which plastic surgery procedures were the most popular. There are some exciting global plastic surgery trends that you might find interesting as you begin to plan your own plastic surgery transformation.


Global Plastic Surgery Trends: The Most Popular Procedures

Plastic surgery has become more accessible, financially feasible, quicker and effective. This has led more men and women from across Toronto and Canada to select procedures that can transform their lives. Have you ever wondered which procedures are stealing the spotlight? As one of the best Toronto plastic surgeons, Dr. Adibfar has performed thousands of procedures. From liposuction to Brazilian butt lifts, Dr. Adibfar has helped men and women achieve their beauty goals. But which are the most popular?


Breast Augmentation Surgery

Whether in Toronto, Los Angeles or Rio de Janeiro, breast augmentation procedures are one of the most popular of all time. A women’s desire to have the perfect breasts – whether smaller, bigger or firmer – will continue to fuel this procedure’s popularity.


Women who choose breast augmentation are typically dissatisfied with the size, shape, or fullness of their breasts. Dr. Adibfar uses a variety of breast enhancement procedures to dramatically transform their appearance. This leaves the patient with a beautiful and youthful silhouette. Dr. Adibfar’s experience, team and focus on perfection have helped numerous women obtain the results they were looking for.


Tummy Tucks

Losing weight can often leave a person with excess skin. Women may experience this after having a baby for example. Tummy tucks or abdominoplasty is fast becoming a popular plastic surgery procedure to address the issues of excess skin and enhance a patient’s overall appearance.


Large or quick weight loss can leave a person with stretched skin and weakened muscles. This can have a significant impact on an individual’s confidence. Dr. Adibfar performs tummy tucks and abdominoplasty procedures in Toronto to effectively remove loose skin, tighten muscles and deliver a firmer, more slender appearance.


A slimmer, sexier and more contoured mid-section is a goal for many women and men. As people across Toronto, Canada and North America pursue a more slender figure, Dr. Adibfar believes we will continue to see an increase in tummy tuck procedures performed.



The pursuit of a “designer vagina” has intensified. More women are opting for labiaplasty and vaginoplasty procedures to reduce the size of or reshape the labia minora and tighten the muscles of the vagina. The improved aesthetic appeal and a tightened vagina is a combination that not only enhances a women’s confidence, but also increases their sexual satisfaction.


Dr. Adibfar has performed many “designer vagina” procedures in Toronto to remove excess skin, balance asymmetrical labia minora or majora (inner or outer vaginal lips), develop a more exposed clitoris, and to reconstruct the hymen. These results have drastically improved his patient’s lives.


As women across Canada and North America continue to strive for a beautiful genital region and increased sexual satisfaction – especially after giving birth – Dr. Adibfar predicts that “designer vagina” procedures will rapidly increase in popularity over the coming years.


Plastic Surgery Procedures that are Delivering Results

Beauty is as individual as you are and each patient that Dr. Adibfar works with is unique. As women and men look to become the most beautiful version of themselves, plastic surgery will remain a popular solution to achieve life-changing results.


Dr. Adibfar believes that rhinoplasty, facelift procedures, Brazilian butt lifts, body lifts and liposuction will continue to grow in popularity as well. From a more symmetrical and contoured nose and firmer skin to a slimmer silhouette and a youthful appearance, these common plastic surgery procedures can and will continue to deliver stunning results.