Past Cosmetic Enhancements vs 2019

Cosmetic plastic surgery sounds daunting, right? Especially when we’re being bombarded with before and afters showcasing botched surgeries, ridiculously large duck lips, and overly Botoxed foreheads. We naturally cringe seeing someone whose face looks ‘frozen’ from injectables, and in the past considered cosmetic enhancements to be solely reserved for A-list celebrities and other wealthy socialites. In the last decade, we’re noticing an incredible shift in the interest and accessibility of cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Let’s take a closer look at recent trends.

Plastic vs. Natural

More qualified practicing professionals are taking pride in offering patients conservative results to enhance (rather than change) their naturally attractive features. Many patients are coming into our office seeking tiny tweaks rather than drastic overhauls. For patients in need of extensive surgery — for example, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, facelift, or eyelid surgery — the goal is still the same. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar strives to address each patient’s physical qualms while allowing for results that look and assimilate naturally to the patient’s body and features. While some patients do prefer a more dramatic change and look, the majority of those opting to go under the knife simply want to look like better versions of themselves.

Preventative Treatments

With cosmetic surgical and noninvasive treatments being so much more accessible, patients in their early to mid-20s are looking to cosmetic treatments to prevent aging before severe signs begin to show up. Patients of a variety of ages are selecting Botox to prevent frown lines that present themselves after years of contracting these muscles in the forehead. Others prefer a combination with hyaluronic acid fillers to fill hollow areas in the face and add volume to features like the lips. Now that injectables are also seen as preventative treatments, naturally the market of patients receiving injectables has become younger.

Niche Treatments

Procedures we never knew existed are becoming more popular in addressing minor imperfections. Fillers can be used to contour a bumpy nose as well as to add volume to aging hands with protruding veins. While Botox is more commonly recognized as a facial injectables, patients suffering from excessive sweating in the underarms and palms find relief in Botox’s ability to calm their bodies’ tendency to exude sweat. Noninvasive body contouring procedures have also become more popular, allowing for patients to melt inches off their hips and waists using lasers and radio-frequency to smooth the skin and lessen cellulite!

While the trends in cosmetic plastic surgery certainly change over time, many surgical procedures simply could not be replaced by noninvasive treatments and techniques. In these cases, patients must choose a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge, experience, and a history of successful results to assure they’re in the best and most capable hands. While the newest technologies, tools, and products have certainly made a positive impact on the market, your results will always greatly depend on the experience and professionalism of your plastic surgeon.

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