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How Neck Rejuvenation Can Make You Look and Feel More Beautiful

Neck rejuvenation can help you regain that beautiful, firm skin that’s a symbol of vitality and youthfulness. As we age, our skin will begin to lose its elasticity; become saggy, wrinkled and loose. Whether that’s on you face, neck or arms, it can have a significant impact on your appearance, confidence and self-esteem. “The neck is a focal point for any person,” says Dr. Ali Adibfar, the medical director of one of Toronto’s best medispas. “Fortunately or unfortunately, the neck can tell us a lot about a person’s age. Loose or wrinkled skin on the neck can make you look and feel a lot older than you are.”


Many men and women will experience fat accumulation and sagging skin as they age. It’s a natural process that we wish wasn’t so common. But neck rejuvenation procedures have been designed to enhance the overall appearance of the neck and redefine a person’s beauty. “Fat accumulation can make a person look much heavier than they are,” explains Dr. Adibfar, a leading Toronto plastic surgeon specializing in neck rejuvenation procedures. “Both surgical and non-surgical neck rejuvenation procedures are available to help patients drastically, improve the appearance of their neck; making them feel and look energized and youthful.”


Three Types of Neck Rejuvenation Procedures

At Elements, we customize our neck rejuvenation procedures to meet the specific needs of our patients. No two people are identical. That’s why we believe a treatment tailored to your body, needs and goals is one of the most important things when it comes to your beauty enhancement journey. Let’s take a look at three common neck rejuvenation procedures that we typically perform on men and women at our Yorkville plastic surgery clinic.


Non-invasive Botox Injections to Rejuvenate the Neck

Botox is a very common, safe and highly effective treatment that can redefine a person’s appearance. “There are obvious benefits to this type of neck rejuvenation procedure,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “It’s quick, requires zero downtime and is much cheaper than other methods. However, it’s important to know that this is a non-surgical option and the results are only temporary.”


This procedure is commonly combined  with another non invasive skin tightening procedure such as “Forma” (Radiofrequency) or “Skintyte” (Infrared).


While Botox can deliver great, immediate results, if you’re looking for long-term and permanent solutions, you will want to explore the surgical options available to you.


Chin and Neck Liposuction to Rejuvenate the Neck Region

Liposuction of this area of the body can help significantly reduce the amount of fat that has accumulated on the neck. This can reduce the “fullness” and create a more slender appearance. The end result is a slimmer, sexier contour. “While liposuction is an excellent option for neck rejuvenation, it’s important to note that if you have excess or loose skin, you may not be entirely happy with the results,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “This is because liposuction won’t tighten the skin.”


The results of this procedure may be much improved with the addition of a chin implant, should the patient need one.


Neck Lift Surgery for an Incredible Neck Rejuvenation

Depending on your needs, goals and body type, we can use a mini neck lift, traditional neck lift or an extended neck lift to meet your expectations. Essentially, the mini and extended neck lifts are slight variations of the traditional neck lift. “During the procedure, we will lift drooping skin, remove excess skin, tighten the neck muscles and remove fat with liposuction,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “This comprehensive approach results in a slimmer, firmer and more youthful appearance. The combination of a lift and liposuction can dramatically rejuvenate your neck; shaving years off your appearance.”


So what’s a mini neck lift and extended neck lift? A mini neck lift is when we won’t do any skin tightening. The extended neck lift will address the jaw line and lower face in addition to the neck region.


The results of these procedures may be much improved with the addition of a chin implant, should the patient need one.


Which Neck Rejuvenation Treatment is Right for You?

There are a variety of neck rejuvenation options and techniques that are available to you if you’re unhappy with the way your neck looks. Our highly experienced team of plastic surgery professionals will tailor your neck rejuvenation procedure to you needs, goals and body type. “During our initial consultation, we’ll spend a considerable amount of time learning about your expectations, beauty goals and needs,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “This will let us recommend the most effective and safest neck rejuvenation procedure so you can be confident in your own skin.”