Micro-Fat Grafting For More Supple Breasts

If you’re looking to make changes to your breasts without implants then  look no further. Micro-fat grafting can be used to make subtle, beautiful changes to your breasts to make them look fuller and more supple. Best of all, this can be done utilizing your fat! How? Areas of unwanted fat on your body — including around your hips and thighs, belly, legs, buttocks, flanks and back — can be used to fill areas of the body that you would like to appear more full. That means you can have some unwanted fat removed and used in more hallow areas. If you would like more volume in your breasts, you can use your fat rather than artificial implants to give your chest more fullness. Let’s take a closer look at how this is done!


It’s important to note that if you’re looking for more than a cup size increase in your chest, then implants would prove the optimal option. For patients looking to fill gaps or hallow pockets, or add more fullness to the top of the breast for more cleavage (or sides), then micro-fat grafting may be the best route. The best candidates are patients looking for more subtle changes in their chest (up to a cup size). Increasing breast fullness via micro-grafting requires that patients are looking for subtle adjustments to make them appear slightly more full.


The procedure begins via liposuction. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar begins by removing a small amount of fat from an area of the patient’s body where they would prefer to have less fat. As previously mentioned, this could be from anywhere on the body, as long as it is safe. Dr. Adibfar also makes sure to remove the appropriate amount of fat that would allow for sufficient volume (when reinjected) and that would leave the donor site (area of the body receiving liposuction) looking well contoured and symmetrical to the opposite side of the body. Depending on how much fat is needed (and where it’s harvested from), Dr. Adibfar may need to remove fat from multiple areas of the body.


Once the fat is carefully harvested via low suction liposuction, it is then purified to enhance the proportion of living cells. The fat cells are filtered from any oils, liquids, or other undesirable components, using a system that isolates, purifies and concentrates the amount of transferrable cells to the patient’s breasts requiring volume. Once purified, the concentrated fat grafts are transferred into syringes to optimize a smooth and uniform transfer to the chest. Ensuring an even-layered transfer helps increase the graft’s survival when placed in their new environment — in this case, the breasts. Whenever fat is grafted, Dr. Adibfar needs to reinject a fraction more than is desired to ensure a higher survival rate of fat cells. This is because a portion of fat cells will die or be reabsorbed into the body when reinjected. That means results may look less subtle immediately after the procedure before settling down to its more realistic amount of volume.


Women desiring more fullness in areas of the breast like the upper pole find the modest results from micro-fat grafting exceptionally satisfying. We also help patients who’ve had implants removed, gain more volume in their chests using their fatty tissue. Micro-fat grafting to the chest can improve a woman’s breast shape and volume while instilling regenerative properties via the injected stem cells. Women also need not fear rejection from the procedure (as we’re only using their fatty tissue) or the appearance of any big scars or incisions. The incision from the donor site is minimal and because the fat is injected via a syringe, there’s no need for an incision in the breasts.


For decades we’ve been augmenting the breast using solely implants. With more education, alongside state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to augment the breast and achieve more fullness utilizing a woman’s unwanted fat. This minimally-invasive process is safe and calls attention to an exciting area of plastic surgery that uses science to achieve beautifully subtle, yet satisfying, results.


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