Perkier Breasts

Mastopexy and Fat Grafting for Perkier Breasts

The word mastopexy sounds intimidating but it doesn’t need to be. The term refers to a breast lift procedure. While many women seeking a breast lift do so after noticing sagging, and more deflated breasts after having had children and breastfed, there are a number of reasons women opt for this confidence boosting, rejuvenative procedure. Some women seek mastopexy simply because they dislike the sagging shape of their breasts. Some of these patients have never had perky breasts and since development have always experienced a droopy chest.

Patients with sagging breasts may also find their chest asymmetrical, and seek the expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Elements Spa’s Dr. Adibfar to correct the inbalance. Other patients may be dissatisfied that their nipples hang lower than they should or that over time their areolas have stretched to irregular looking shapes. Similarly to women post pregnancy, women who’ve experienced significant weight loss may also find their new chest shape to look deflated and asymmetrical. For these reasons and more, women of varying ages seek mastopexy to restore a more youthful appearance and profile to their breasts.

There are varying methods for achieving a proportioned and aesthetically-pleasing breast lift. The chosen method will depend on the amount of lift needed, as well as the quality of the breast tissue and skin and whether the patient desires added volume. The first breast lift method is referred to as a Periareolar Lift. This involves a single incision made around the areola that lifts the nipple and removes excess skin for a more lifted appearance.

The second is referred to as a Lollipop or Vertical Lift which involves a scar that goes vertically down from the nipple to the breast crease. This procedure would be for patients with more droop in their breast compared to those undergoing a Periareolar Lift as it allows for more excess skin to be removed via a minimal incision line. For patients with higher degrees of sagging and excess skin, an Anchor Lift—which adds a curved incision that goes along the breast crease and attaches to the vertical incision that connects to the nipple—allows for a larger amount of excess skin to be removed via the removal of two triangular patches of skin resulting in new incision lines to be secured to each other for a higher lift and a rejuvenated chest.

More Volume Without Implants?

Over the last few decades, the technology and techniques behind fat transferring has advanced dramatically to ensure that transferred fat cells survive and thrive in their newly injected areas. Patients undergoing a breast lift who desire added volume to their breasts, but not so far as to get implants, have the option of getting similar results via fat grafting or transfer with the added bonus of liposuction and sculpting from another part of their body. These areas undergoing liposuction can often include the hips, thighs, lower back and/or abdomen. The fat is re-injected into the breast after the initial breast lift procedure to fill any depressions, correct any imbalance, as well as add more definition to the top portion of the breast for more cleavage.

Fat grafting is safe, and because the fat is derived from the patient’s own body, provides little to no chance of rejection or reaction as the fat isn’t a foreign substance. The lifted breasts and fat transfer will allow for a look and feel that is natural without being invasive. Patients will immediately notice added volume, however changes to the breast will continue until 6-12 months post procedure when all the swelling and bruising has completely subsided and the fat has acclimated and thrives in its new location. Patients seeking exponential volume may want to consider a breast lift with an added implant under board-certified Dr. Adibfar’s advising.

Whether you want your chest to simulate the look of breasts in a push up bra, or you simply need help addressing your deflated breasts after having breastfed, Dr. Adibfar and his team of professional, medically-trained staff are available to answer any questions you may have and to steer you in the right direction that matches your desires and body, and will get you feeling more confident about your lifted breasts and the way you look.

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