How To Change Your Belly Button

Some people have an unattractive belly button or simply do not like the look of their belly button and it could be for many reasons. They may find extra skin that could have been left from the umbilical cord usually causing an umbilical hernia or a bulge, other women may find that their navels changed during pregnancy. Some patients’ belly buttons also changed after excessive weight loss. Either way, Toronto’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can address any of your concerns regarding your navel and correct it so that you have the navel you always dreamed of!


Innie or Outie?

Everyone’s navel is unique. Many people find that the classic ‘outie’ can be embarrassing or would just prefer to have an ‘innie’ belly button instead. An outie simply refers to a navel with excess skin that bulges out. More correctly, this bulge is considered an umbilical hernia. This is a solid fibrous skin structure that appears outside of the navel and tunnels to the abdomen. The fat causes a canal that simply pushes its way out of the navel and causes the belly button to lose its depression. 


How is an umbilicoplasty performed?

If the umbilicoplasty is performed as an isolated procedure, Dr. Adibfar can typically perform it under local anesthesia. Dr. Adibfar then cuts around the belly button and removes any of the excess skin and fat before using sutures to close the navel, secure the skin, and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Before undergoing an umbilicoplasty, you will need to discuss the desired shape you would like for your navel as each patient may have distinct desires for what they want their belly button to look like. 


Recovery after an umbilicoplasty

The incision heals very quickly and with little scarring as it’s hidden in the navel itself. As mentioned, your belly button will be reshaped to your desired look alongside Dr. Adibfar’s thoughts on what would best complement your existing navel structure. Some patients also request an umbilicoplasty to address laxity, loose skin and/or wrinkling around the navel. 


Many patients also undergo an umbilicoplasty as a complementary procedure to a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. For patients who’ve also gotten their navels pierced in the past, an umbilicoplasty works well to remove the piercing track if desired.  


After a full recovery, patients are ecstatic to find that their navels are tighter, better placed, and more attractive. They feel free to wear more revealing clothing in warmer months as well as more comfortable by the pool or at the beach. 


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If you’ve always felt insecure about having an outie or an unattractive belly button then look no further. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his astute medical team can offer you a simple, swift, and safe procedure that will correct your navel and make it look cleaner and tighter.

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