FTM Transgender Top Surgery

Going through a transitioning surgery is a milestone moment. Toronto’s own board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his medically astute staff have the experience, compassion, and knowledge to best guide their patients through their desired reassignment surgeries. In this article, we’ll be discussing female-to-male top surgery and its benefits. 


What Is FTM Top Surgery?

For patients transitioning from female to male, top surgery plays a vital role in revolutionizing their lives. It’s always imperative that patients choose their surgeon and facility wisely. Transitioning procedures are serious and require diligent attention to detail. Your surgeon needs to be very experienced to assure you’re going to get the results and treatment you expect and love. 


Top surgery from female to male allows patients to obtain the tightest and flatest result possible to completely transform and contour the chest as well as customize the location of the nipple on the chest. The procedure is most suitable for patients who have a degree of excess skin in the chest with some overhang of the chest tissue. This surgery is also most useful when patients simply want the flatest tightest result possible. 


Top Surgery Procedure

After an initial consultation and before the procedure Dr. Adibfar will place chest markings on the body before anesthesia. This will allow him to make an initial determination of incision placement and trajectory. Making these chest markings in an upright position allows Dr. Adibfar to understand how the chest contour appears while standing and also allows Dr. Adibfar to double-check the markings and check the position of the areolas. The areolas or nipples will need to be grafted and placed back after the skin on the chest is tightened. Sometimes liposuction is also performed in the upper and outer chest areas if necessary. 


During the procedure, Dr. Adibfar will remove as much breast tissue as possible while providing a smooth and even contour. He pays special attention to the thickness of the fat beneath the skin to ensure smooth and even results. Once removed, the edges are lined up meticulously and sutured closed with dissolving stitches. The optimal location for the areolas is determined based on the underlying muscles making the procedure a science as well as a sense of artistry at the hand of the surgeon. 


A transitioning surgery like female-to-male top surgery involves a multi-disciplinary team approach that includes assessing the suitability of the patient for transformation and supporting them through their journey. Dr. Adibfar also makes certain that his patients have the support in place before undergoing surgery. 


As with any plastic surgery, the recovery period does vary from person to person. A normal and successful surgical recovery typically involves one week at home resting and engaging in light activity while adhering to Dr. Adibfar’s tailored post-operative instructions. 


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