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Frontal Bone Setback and Brow Lift for Transgenders

There are many minute features of an individual’s face that can easily confirm gender. Female patients born with more masculine looking features, as well transgender patients transitioning to a more obviously female aesthetic, have much to consider in terms of reconstructing their facial structure in order to more easily relay femininity. 

As with a few other procedures, frontal bone setback and brow lifts are most commonly performed on transitioning patients. Males typically show a brow bone structure that bosses, appears more prominent, and sits a lot lower causing more shadow around the eyes. Females however typically have a much higher brow and a more recessed forehead allowing their features to appear more delicate and curved, as well their eyes brighter and more open. For these reasons, forehead reduction and contouring (usually performed alongside a scalp advancement) is performed.


Preoperative 3D scans and image navigation is taken of the patient’s head from multiple angles to ensure safe planning and to determine the extent of change and alteration needed, as well as any possible limitations. Dr. Adibfar will also show the patient these scans and explain any instructions, concerns and detailed plans so that the surgery is well-prepared for before the procedure’s date. The surgery can take approximately 2 hours depending on the patient and extend and/or difficulty of the surgery.


An incision is typically made directly in the hairline, leaving any minimal scarring undetectable and well concealed. This would also make an efficient spot for advancing the hairline should the patient need. Before Dr. Adibfar begins to contour and sculpt the frontal bone, the forehead’s frontal sinus—which is a cavity of air—is temporarily removed so as not to be affected or disrupted during the forehead contouring portion of the procedure. Dr. Adibfar then sculpts the frontal bone and forehead using high speed burrs to correct any forehead irregularities, allow for a cleaner and softer transition from the eyebrow to the nose, and make any corrections over the eyes and around the orbital openings to allow the eyes to appear softer and more open naturally. The brow will also appear lifted due to the sculpting around the eye and due to a less prominent brow ridge. The brows will sit higher for a more classically feminine look while still appearing natural. The lift could also be helped via the scalp advancement in which the skin is pulled at the incision line. Once the sculpting is complete, Dr. Adibfar safely returns the frontal sinus to the forehead. At this time, because the frontal bone has been sculpted, there may be a chance that the frontal sinus may need to be secured with tiny plates and/or screws to fit and stabilize the sinus perfectly to the forehead’s new shape. Once completed, Dr. Adibfar carefully closes up the incision with sutures and the patient’s head and forehead is secured with compression dressings.


When performed by an extensively experienced board-certified surgeon, this safe procedure yields results that are highly-effective, natural-looking and that women and transgender patients are extremely satisfied with. The incision line heals fairly swift, however the patient will feel temporary numbness in the area. After full healing, patients notice their eyes appear more open and their face shape naturally relays a more obviously feminine aesthetic.


Finding the appropriate surgeon with the advanced skill and experience needed is critical. This delicate procedure is more of an art form then a science, as well it’s not commonly performed by most surgeons, so searching for a board-certified surgeon who has developed and carries the expertise to perform a frontal bone setback and reduction is crucial. Elements Spa’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, and oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Adibfar is widely recognized as one of the best cosmetic plastic surgeons in Toronto. His experience, techniques and skill has allowed for the opportunity to teach up-and-coming surgeons opportune and advanced methods for achieving optimal results with patients from all over the world experiencing varying conditions and requesting distinct corrections. If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure’s specifics, feel free to contact him via the contact info below for any questions you may have that he and his medical staff would be happy to answer at your request.


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