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Breast Cancer: Fat Grafting Does Not Increase Chances of Recurrence

Breast cancer affects us all. The likelihood of you having gone through breast cancer treatment or know someone who has is quite high. “Breast cancer is common in today’s world,” says Dr. Ali Adibfar, a leading plastic surgeon who is also the medical director at one of Toronto’s premier medical spas. “Many woman who have been treated for breast cancer will partner with a plastic surgeon for breast reconstruction and cosmetic augmentation surgery.”


At Elements, we have been helping those who have gone through breast cancer treatment gain a renewed sense of femininity, beauty and confidence. “Our advanced plastic surgery procedures have been used to help women who have suffered through breast cancer get back a part of their body they felt like they’ve lost,” says Dr. Adibfar.


Over the years there has been discussion about whether fat grating increases the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence. However, a recent study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that using fat grafting as a means of breast reconstruction or cosmetic augmentation does not increase the recurrence of breast cancer.


“While fat grafting has been performed worldwide in thousands of patients over the years, some plastic surgeons have been reluctant to offer this treatment because of the unknowns,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “This study, which shows that fat grafting does not increase rates of cancer recurrence supports the fact that it’s a safe procedure to help women reconstruct their breasts and redefine their beauty.”


The plastic surgery team at Elements has made a commitment to perform incredible, life-changing procedures in the safest manner possible. “We put the safety of our patients at the forefront of everything we do,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “This belief is what sets us apart in the Toronto plastic surgery industry and it’s something we will never change.”


Understanding how various plastic surgery procedures, like fat grafting for breast reconstruction, impacts a person’s body is a critical part of staying at the leading edge of the global industry.


Redefining Your Beauty

Women who have been through the breast cancer treatment process can end up holding a negative perception of their self-image. They may feel like less of a woman and be less confident in their body. “Our team has helped numerous, strong women get back the body they once had,” says Dr. Adibfar. “These types of procedures are incredibly inspiring and meaningful because we see the impact we can have on their life.”


Is Breast Reconstruction or Cosmetic Augmentation Surgery For You?

If you want to know what options are available to you when it comes to breast reconstruction or cosmetic augmentation after a breast cancer treatment, contact our team today. We’ll spend time getting to know your body and expectations so we can make the most effective and safest recommendation.