Facial Implants 101

Adding more definition and volume to the face in just the right places is an art form. With the latest and safest technologies and materials, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can give you a younger, fresher, more vibrant look—and all while looking natural and conservative. If you want to learn more about how Dr. Adibfar uses facial implants to deliver beautiful results then keep reading!


Knowing the simple, delicate, and more complicated intricacies of a face is not something to be taken lightly. A surgeon who can ultimately give natural results while providing a desired look clearly possesses the skill and experience to safely and successfully utilize facial implants. Dr. Adibfar’s decades of highly-acclaimed work has lent him to teach younger generations of plastic surgeons how to deliver such results.


What Are Facial Implants?

Facials implants are typically inserted into a patient’s face to add definition and slight volume. While dermal fillers can certainly be used by an expert injector to add contour, facial implants lend long-lasting results. Most facial implants are made of a safe silicone

The most common and popular types of facial implants include chin implants and cheek and jaw angle implants. Thes e implants are also popular amongst male and female patients. Inserting these into the skin is a fairly simple procedure which requires subtle tweaks to accomodate each unique patient by Dr. Adibfar. Inserting chin or cheek implants can take under an hour and recovery can last up to a week or more.


Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are inserted via an incision made inside the upper lip or through access via the lower eyelids. These incisions therefore are virtually undetectable. Pockets are then made within the tissue where Dr. Adibfar has the implants placed. This is done gently and carefully so as not to disturb other structures of the face. The implant then sits in the pocket created and the incision is stitched.


Chin Implants

Chin implants are usually placed via an incision made on the inside of the mouth or under the chin. Again, these incisions are incredibly hard to detect via the naked eye. Similarly, a pocket is then made for the silicone implant to sit securely on the chin and the incision is carefully closed.  Sometimes a very small titanium screw may be necessary to stabilize Medpor implants.


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If you’re looking for a more permanent way to add definition to your face, then facial implants may be a great option for you! While the procedure isn’t technically intricate, it does require the hands of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Adibfar. Choosing a qualified surgeon will not only ensure beautiful results, but also a smoother and quicker recovery with less chance of infection.


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