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Everything You Wanted to Know About a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck procedures are becoming more and more popular. Whether you have recently had a baby or have experienced significant weight loss, the effects of sagging tummy skin can be difficult to overcome. Some believe a balanced diet and exercise will address the issue. Others may try to cover up their “muffin top” by getting creative and pulling their pants over their waist. But behind closed doors the sagging skin and stretch marks are still there. Men and women who have experienced significant weight loss often notice that their skin has lost its elasticity. This results in a midsection that is neither contoured nor slender.


Even though we have wishful thinking and believe we can get our body back to normal, the reality is that no matter how much exercise and clean eating we do, our body may never get back to that ideal state. But that doesn’t mean you should give up hope. It doesn’t mean that you need to live with sagging skin that inhibits your ability to be confident in your appearance. Dr. Adibfar – one of Toronto’s best plastic surgeons – explains that tummy tuck procedures can address many of these issues and deliver incredible results.


We all want beautifully contoured, firm and youthful looking bodies. Especially during the summer months when we want to flaunt a sexy figure. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about tummy tuck procedures and how this incredible plastic surgery treatment can redefine your beauty, appearance and confidence.


Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck procedure?

People with excess skin, loose abdominal muscles and excess midsection fat are typically great candidates for a tummy tuck procedure. These issues are typically found on women who have given birth. However, men and women who have experienced significant weight loss due to exercise, dieting or surgery may also be ideal candidates for a tummy tuck procedure.


Dr. Adibfar – one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeons – recommends that his patients be within 20-25% of their ideal body weight and should not be planning on getting pregnant again.


Is it beneficial to lose weight before my tummy tuck procedure?

This is a common question we receive at our Yorkville plastic surgery clinic, which was nominated as one of the best in Toronto. “While weight loss is beneficial, it isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for a tummy tuck procedure,” says Dr. Adibfar. “I often recommend that the closer the patient is to their ideal body weight, the better the end result will be.”


Aren’t tummy tuck procedures just for females who have given birth?

This is a common myth that many people have when we discuss tummy tuck procedures. While many women choose tummy tucks to get their body back to their pre-pregnancy form, it is a highly versatile procedure that can deliver results for both men and women.


Anyone who has undergone significant weight loss – whether due to exercise, diet or surgery – are often good candidates for tummy tucks. It’s a remarkable procedure that can redefine a person’s appearance and body.


Is liposuction always involved in tummy tuck procedures?

Dr. Adibfar will use liposuction to remove excess fat if it is present. As a board certified plastic surgeon who is committed to delivering exceptional results, Dr. Adibfar will spend time during the consultative phase to identify the appropriate plastic surgery procedures required to meet your specific beauty and body goals.


What anesthesia will be used during my tummy tuck procedure?

Dr. Adibfar and his talented plastic surgery team will often perform tummy tuck procedures under general anesthesia. During your initial consultation, our team will discuss the procedure in great detail so you know exactly what to expect from start to finish.


How long does the procedure take?

A tummy tuck procedure’s length can be impacted by the amount of surgery required to address the areas of concern. It can also be impacted by the skill of the plastic surgeon you select. Dr. Adibfar says that the tummy tuck procedures he performs typically take 2-3 hours.


Will I have scars after my tummy tuck procedure? 

Scars due to the incisions made will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Adibfar and his plastic surgery team do everything in their power to reduce the appearance of any scars so your body is beautiful.


Are the results from tummy tuck procedures permanent?

The results delivered by Dr. Adibfar through a tummy tuck procedure are permanent. By removing excess skin, contouring the body, removing fat and tightening the muscle, Dr. Adibfar flattens the tummy and narrows the waist at the same time. “These benefits will last a lifetime unless you gain a significant amount of weight,” says Dr. Adibfar. “This can adversely affect the results you’ve witnessed so we often recommend to lead a healthy and active lifestyle post-procedure.”


Tummy tucks deliver exceptional results

Whether you are yearning to get back to your pre-pregnancy physique or wanting to regain the toned midsection that you used to flaunt in a slender dress while shopping along Yorkville Avenue, a tummy tuck procedure performed by Dr. Adibfar can deliver life-changing results.


A tummy tuck procedure can drastically improve abdominal tone, contour the midsection, tighten skin and improve the appearance of stretch marks. The result is a beautiful, slender and sexy physique that you can be proud of.