Woman with dotted lines and arrows on her chest before a breast lift.

Do I Need A Breast Lift With Augmentation?

Do I need a breast lift with my breast augmentation? Which procedure you choose and whether you decide to do both simultaneously will depend on your goals for how you want your breasts to look. You can certainly get a breast augmentation and a breast lift together if you’re an ideal candidate while some patients might simply require one procedure over the other. 


What is Breast Augmentation?


A breast augmentation essentially enlarges the size of your breasts with silicone or saline implants or with your own fatty tissue via fat transfer. A breast lift involves moving breast tissue to lift the breast and correct sagging that could be brought on by multiple factors including aging, nursing, and weight gain or weight loss. 


A breast procedure will take approximately two to four hours to complete depending on whether you have an augmentation, lift, or both. We typically recommend that our patients schedule at least one week off of work and arrange for help at home post-surgery and during early recovery. Most of our patients fully recover and get back to their normal routines after six weeks. After 12 to 18 months the scars from the incision lines do mature significantly.


Do I Need A Breast Augmentation, Lift, or Both?

So how do you know whether you need a breast augmentation, lift, or both?


A breast lift is performed to correct the sagging of the breast. These patients’ breasts usually show loss of volume and excess skin. Volume loss can also occur from expansion of the skin from pregnancy and/or weight gain and a failure of that skin to contract again. For these patients a lift is necessary and an implant alone would not correct sagging. 


More relaxed breasts, including an areola that is positioned very low, would require a breast lift. These patients typically show most of their volume hanging below the breast fold as well. If these patients opted for an implant the implant would force the soft tissue down and result in an implant that sits too high in the breast which is not a particularly attractive look.


If there is a very small amount of excess skin and a minimal degree of sagging in the breast and the nipple, then correction via an implant alone would suffice. Dr. Adibfar would be able to achieve the ideal breast shape and restore volume in the chest with the breast implant.


If you have experienced a decrease in the size of your breasts over time and have sagging breasts due to skin laxity, pregnancy, and/or weight gain and loss, then a combination procedure of a lift and augmentation would be ideal for you. Each patient is unique and with that comes individual challenges in order to ensure symmetry and a beautiful aesthetic. 


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Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar specializes in performing breast augmentations in conjunction with breast lifts for results that are very attractive and with minimal scarring. Dr. Adibfar’s breast lift is a very powerful procedure that can completely reshape the breast and achieve a very excellent cosmetic result with minor scarring over time.


If you’re an ideal candidate for an augmentation and lift then completing these procedures simultaneously will prove convenient, efficient, and economical as the results from each complement each other very well.

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