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Your Designer Vagina Transformation

Designer vagina” has become an increasingly popular term to describe both surgical and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures. More Toronto women than ever before have selected to undergo a designer vagina plastic surgery transformation. But what exactly does a designer vagina procedure involve? Let’s take a closer look at what a surgical designer vagina procedure is, the benefits it offers and the overall experience you can expect.


Designer Vagina: Custom Vaginal Rejuvenation

Both surgical and non-surgical designer vagina procedures have seen a 44% increase since 2013. A designer vagina transformation can include a variety of surgical procedures. Depending on your goals and needs, your designer vagina transformation may include labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty or clitoral hood reduction. As your plastic surgeon in Toronto, we’ll review the various designer vagina options available that best suit your body and goals. Together, we’ll select a designer vagina solution to create a tighter, more symmetrical, firmer and smoother vagina.


Who Should Undergo a Designer Vagina Procedure?

Many women select to undergo a designer vagina procedure because they are unhappy with their vagina’s appearance or feeling. It’s also common to select a designer vagina transformation to address the impacts that child birth or aging have on a woman’s vagina.


What are the Benefits of a Designer Vagina Procedure?

Undergoing a designer vagina transformation can deliver a variety of benefits. Some include:

  • Overall improved aesthetic appearance of your vagina,
  • A tighter, more symmetrical, firmer and smoother vagina,
  • Increased sexual satisfaction,
  • A visually enhanced genital region, and;
  • Improved comfort and confidence.

Whether your designer vagina procedure includes removing excess skin, balancing asymmetrical labia minora or majora (inner or outer vaginal lips), developing a more exposed clitoris, or reconstructing the hymen, our talented plastic surgery team strives to leave you feeling confident, comfortable and happy with your results.


Vaginoplasty: A Common Procedure Included in a Designer Vagina Transformation

Vaginoplasty is a very common cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that is included in surgical designer vagina transformations. Due to childbirth or natural aging, many women are left with a relaxed or loose vagina. Because of this, women may complain of decreased sensation and sexual satisfaction during intercourse. As part of your designer vagina transformation, a vaginoplasty procedure can help tighten the vaginal canal by shortening the stretched muscles. This helps create a tighter, firmer and more pleasurable vagina.


Your Designer Vagina Procedure: What Type of Anaesthetic is Used?

Depending on the procedures that are included in your designer vagina transformation, it is typically performed under general anaesthetic. However, some patients may elect to have their designer vagina procedure done under local anaesthetic.


Recovering from Your Designer Vagina Procedure

Those who undergo a designer vagina transformation are expected to experience some bruising, swelling and minor pain after the procedure is completed. You will be able to walk within a day. However, we strongly suggest that you do not wear thongs or tight fitting underwear. Depending on your designer vagina procedure, you may need to refrain from certain activities as you recover. We also recommend that strenuous physical activities are limited within the first two to three weeks after your designer vagina procedure. Sexual intercourse can typically be resumed after 6 weeks.


During the consultation and post-operation phase, we will discuss the specifics of your individual recovery process. Our plastic surgery team will review a detailed program to ensure your designer vagina recovery experience is positive and comfortable.


What Results Can I Expect from a Designer Vagina Procedure?

We firmly believe that pictures are worth a thousand words. Take a moment to review some of our patient’s designer vagina transformations by clicking here.


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