Create Long Lean Lines with Liposuction!

While most of us revel in the sun and warmer temperatures that Canadian summers and vacations have to offer, still some of us tread this short-lived beautiful season. Why, you may ask? This pleasing weather comes with a whole host of special occasions and a climate that simply lends itself to more revealing clothing! For those of us who are insecure about our legs and bodies, wearing a mid-length floral dress to a wedding, or a cute frilly bikini to the beach quickly signals alarms. Fortunately for us, one of Toronto’s best board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons, Dr. Adibfar, has crafted several specialized liposuction techniques to give you the legs you always wanted to show off! In this article we’ll be exploring how Dr. Adibfar uses liposuction to give his patients the confidence to feel proud of their legs and enjoy wearing all kinds of outfits during the warmer summer months!

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime is important. However, we are now learning that many individuals have diet resistant fat, usually as a result of one’s genetics. Are you an avid gym buff who’s tried everything to change the shape of your cankles? Do you look in the mirror in disappointment because your thighs simply won’t budge no matter how healthy you eat or how strenuous your cardio / weight-lifting routine? Is the pesky fat around your knees taking away from your otherwise sleek silhouette? For these reasons and more, patients seek the expertise of Dr. Adibfar to sculpt their legs via liposuction.

Liposuction involves the precise removal of fat from various areas of the body. Sounds fairly straightforward, right? Well, while the definition of the procedure itself is, the success of a liposuction procedure almost entirely depends on the experience, technique and (quite frankly) artistry of the surgeon. Liposuction does require the removal of fat, however how much fat and the amount of remaining fat needs to be assessed and sculpted meticulously to ensure symmetry and a more lean and flattering silhouette. While a patient may only disapprove of one area of their legs (the ankles, for example), Dr. Adibfar must look at the entire leg to ensure the procedure will result in natural proportions. A patient seeking slimmer ankles may also require liposuction around the knees and thighs. Dr. Adibfar may remove excess fat tissue from the inner and outer thighs, but will also have to consider the shape of the patient’s lower leg down to their toes. For these reasons, Dr. Adibfar has lent results (via liposuction) that his patients continue to rave over. Once the targeted areas are treated, patients are left with not only leaner legs, but also more natural and flattering legs that curve in and out in just the right places while honouring the natural silhouette of the patient.

While liposuction is considered an invasive surgical procedure, Dr. Adibfar’s specialized techniques allow for minimal downtime and a faster recovery should patients follow his detailed post-operative care recommendations meticulously. Patients will see results immediately, however once fully recovered, our patients are thrilled to be able to show off their new legs confidently and proudly in shorts, dresses and bathing suits. Some patients are even thrilled over their newfound confidence wearing summer sandals! Dr. Adibfar and his team at Elements Spa work accurately and efficiently to give these patients the happiness and confidence they always wanted, and a new outlook and enthusiasm for summer vacations!

While leg sculpting via liposuction does prove itself a life-changing procedure, Dr. Adibfar’s other complimentary leg procedures (like calf implants, the Brazilian Butt Lift and more!) can help take your silhouette to a new level while still maintaining a natural-looking shape that honours your body!

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