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Cord-Cutting Technique Can Help Smooth Cellulite

Cord-cutting is a unique plastic surgery procedure that recently proved to be an effective way to smooth cellulite. “Men and women who suffer from cellulite desperately search for a solution,” explains Dr. Ali Adibfar, the medical director at one of Toronto’s premier medical spas. “This is because cellulite has a significant impact on a person’s appearance and confidence.”


There are various medical spa and plastic surgery procedures available to people suffering from cellulite. But breakthroughs in the industry continue to advance the technology available. “Our Toronto plastic surgery team is always looking for ways to improve the skills, techniques and technology we offer our incredible clientele,” said Dr. Adiblfar. “We’re constantly searching for the most effective treatments to deliver beautiful results in the safest way possible.”

Smoothing Cellulite with Cord-Cutting

Cellulite is caused by fibrous “cords” or septae that pull down on the bottom of the skin to cause what we refer to as the “cellulite dimple”. “There have been numerous discussions and debates in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry about what truly causes cellulite and the best treatment for this common issue,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “A recent 3-year cellulite study has just proven that the cord-cutting technique is not only safe, but highly effective.”


How Does Cord-Cutting Work?

The bothersome cellulite bumps can haunt men and women; even leading them to believe that nothing they do will fix the issue. Everyone wants beautifully smooth, young looking skin. Unfortunately, cellulite can make people feel and look less beautiful than wish.


The cord-cutting technique, which is also known as subcision, is performed with the Cellfina device. “This non-invasive cord-cutting technique was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration back in 2015,” says Dr. Adibfar. “Since then, this procedure has produced amazing results when it came to improving the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.”


More importantly, researchers found there was no loss of benefits for up to two years and no long-term adverse effects on the body.


Cord-Cutting: It’s All About Technique

This procedure is actually very simple. However, it’s a technique-dependent procedure. “This means that those physicians who will be proficient in using cord-cutting to improve the appearance of cellulite will depend on their ability, skills and knowledge of cellulite anatomy,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “We’re always advancing our techniques and skills. That’s what makes us stand out in the Toronto plastic surgery industry. It’s based on our commitment to offering the best procedures in the safest manner possible for the most incredible results.”


Cord-cutting is a non-invasive procedure that only requires local anaesthesia. And the hand-held device is customizable to the millimeter. This means the surgeon can address very specific areas of the body with a high degree of precision.


Cord-Cutting Benefits: Safety and Comfort

Aside from the results and precision that cord-cutting can deliver, it’s very comfortable. “The study showed that patient-reported pain was similar to those who receive injectable fillers,” said Dr. Adibfar. “The study also found that more than 50% of the patients had discomfort for only 1.5 days, which could be treated with over-the-counter analgesics in all cases.”


While some bruising around the treated area did occur, there were no long-term side effects from the cord-cutting treatment.


Cord-Cutting Benefits: Long-Lasting Results

Most treatments available to those who suffer from cellulite offer only temporary results. “Having a 3-year study like this that shows the long-lasting benefits of cord-cutting is a great step forward for the industry,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “It’s something we’re very excited to follow as we look for the most effective treatments and procedures for our patients.”


Improving the Appearance of Your Cellulite

Cellulite is a very common problem for many men and women. It’s actually one of the top reasons people seek treatment in the medispa and plastic surgery world. “Cellulite affects a large number of men and women at all ages,” says Dr. Adibfar. “It can impact their emotions and cause them to be self-conscious about their body.” If you suffer from cellulite and want to find out more about the treatments available to you, contact us today and book your consultation.


Cellulite isn’t something you need to struggle with for your entire life.