Circumferential Waist Liposuction Explained

Have you ever heard of Circumferential Waist Lipo? Or 360 Lipo? This generally refers to liposuction performed continuously around a patient’s waist utilizing signature liposuction techniques. For patients who have undergone extreme weight loss resulting in excess remaining fatty areas around their belly, hips, and trunk, this procedure may prove the most beneficial. Unfortunately, we can’t control which areas of our bodies are predisposed to gain weight as our genetics take some precedence. However, with the skills and expertise of an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Toronto’s Dr. Adibfar, patients looking for an overhaul and a solution to this pesky issue can find relief in knowing that surgery can certainly help provide the results they’re looking for. Let’s look into this specific type of liposuction in more detail.


As with any patient, Dr. Adibfar must undergo a thorough consultation and examination to learn more about the patient’s body and their desired results. While two patients may require the same procedure, circumferential waist liposuction will require Dr. Adibfar to meticulously tailor the procedure to the patients’ bodies while considering their skin quality and underlying layers of muscle. As mentioned, this procedure is performed around the patient’s entire waist, removing excess fat from the lower back, top of the buttocks, abdominals, and waist.


For candidates that also have excess skin, this may require a combination of procedures that include some incisions to remove the excess lax skin. One of the most common procedures to address this excess skin (especially after massive weight loss) is a body lift. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will need to be experienced with performing this procedure on patients of various age ranges as well as have superior knowledge of anatomy and the human body as different areas of the body require more subtle to more aggressive liposuction techniques to guarantee seamless results that continue around the patient’s waist. Once the appropriate amount of excess fat (and/or skin) is removed, the waist and back are contoured and sculpted carefully to assure the most natural-looking results.


For patients who have done an amazing job losing as much weight as possible via diet and exercise, it can be disheartening to find that they may still feel trapped in their excess fat and skin concentrated around their lower back and waist. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar listens to a patient’s most troublesome areas and develops a customized plan to ensure the best results with minimal downtime and maximum safety precautions.


After a full recovery, patients see a more defined waist and lower back that blends seamlessly with the rest of their bodies. Many patients comment that they felt trapped in their skin and fat and that this procedure has ultimately unlocked them from the excess layers that were holding them back. Patients are happy to find that this overall body contour procedure has given them the support and confidence they need to lead a more normal, enthusiastic, and positive life.


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