chin implants

Chin Implants vs. Genioplasty

Chin augmentation has become a very popular cosmetic procedure in recent years, and we’re not surprised by it! Our chins play an important and prominent role in the way we’re perceived by others. A stronger chin and jawline can convey confidence and leadership qualities, while a weak or underdeveloped chin can communicate a lack of self esteem. A well harmonized and balanced face always includes a proportioned chin that projects just enough to exude strength while relaying facial balance and attractiveness. Fortunately, modern chin augmentation procedures offer safe and minimally invasive solutions to patients seeing a stronger profile.

There are 2 different ways of achieving a better looking chin via surgical chin augmentation. Depending on the patient’s preoperative profile, preference and desired results, board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can perform an augmentation either via a chin implant or genioplasty, each with its various advantages and disadvantages. A thorough consultation with Dr. Adibfar will better indicate which procedure best suits each patient, but in the meantime, let’s examine both chin augmentation procedures.

Chin Implants

Chin implants are a great choice for patients with more recessive chins who desire more projection. The implants are typically made of silicone, however Dr. Adibfar prefers other combinations of safe, synthetic materials such as Medpore. They come in a vast array of different shapes and sizes to suit a patient’s desired look whether that be a chin that’s more rounded, more square, more masculine-looking, or more feminine. Dr. Adibfar will further shape and contour the implant to make certain it blends seamlessly with the patient’s jawline.

The procedure is typically done under IV Sedation and starts by making a very small incision under the chin, which will be practically undetectable after the incisions line fully heals. Dr. Adibfar then places the implant in the chin, securing it safely with small titanium screws on top of the patient’s existing bone structure or jaw. This is to make certain the implant is fixated and secured in its new position. The incision is then closed and carefully bandaged. 

Chin augmentation via a chin implant is fairly easy and straightforward and less difficult than a genioplasty. It calls for less recovery as patients wait for their incision to heal and any possible swelling of the jaw to subside. Chin implants are also easily removable if need be, however if not secured properly can shift gradually over time, or can shift due to heavy contact sports. 


Genioplasty, sometimes referred to as a sliding genioplasty, is a form of augmentation that is permanent, and therefore less easy to reverse. It involves surgically altering or re-positioning the patient’s bone to create the desired chin and jawline profile. The procedure is also done under general anesthesia and involves a small incision made inside the mouth and under the lip leaving no external scar. Dr. Adibfar will then come down to the front of the bone and carefully cut across, dissecting the bone of the chin and leaving a gap. Depending on how far forward or down the chin needs to advance or project, Dr. Adibfar will make adjustments to make certain the patient’s face is well balanced. A titanium plate is then inserted and safely secured into the gap and the incision is closed. Over time as the bone heals, the chin will conform to its new shape leaving it permanently positioned. 

A genioplasty is not only an optimal choice for patients desiring more projection. It can also correct chins that overly project, or need to be lengthened downward, addressing a wider range of concerns. Many patients choose genioplasty because it is permanent and they may be opposed to holding foreign material in their body. Healing and recovery is generally predictable however may take a little longer to receiving chin implants because the bone structure needs time to heal and acclimate to its newly formed shape. 

If you’re interested in balancing and relaying more strength in your profile, then you may be an ideal candidate for a chin augmentation! By creating a facial silhouette that’s more proportioned and attractive, patients fully healed from their chin augmentations report feeling more confident in the way they look, as well as how they project themselves to others. A chin augmentation delivers a dramatic change to the attractiveness of a patient’s face, while relaying an outward appearance that is natural-looking and unbeknownst to having had a surgical procedure!

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