Bye Bye Turkey Neck

As we age we lose elasticity in the neck and our muscles begin to weaken. Along with these natural processes, we also notice a loss of volume in our skin all over our bodies. Enter the dreaded turkey neck! If you’re worried about the lack of definition in your neck, don’t fret. At Toronto’s Elements Spa board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can address your droopy neck and skin with a procedure that is safe, simple, and boasts incredible results. Let’s take a closer look at the procedure!


What is Turkey Neck?

Tightening up your skin isn’t complicated, however, patients must take note that all areas of the face and neck are connected. That being said, let’s discuss what causes a turkey neck. When we lose elasticity in our skin, it begins to droop. The drooping skin begins at the mid-facial level with skin that sags and creates loose and lax jowls that lack definition and impact the neck.


Below the jaw, you may notice loose and sagging skin hanging from your chin. This could be due to hormonal fluctuations, weight gain and loss, and/or genetic predispositions. You may also notice bands of skin and hollow gaps that allow the neck to appear older and shriveled. Thankfully Dr. Adibfar can address all these imperfections and more. For patients with minimal laxity, addressing solely the neck may prove efficient. For most, however, the most natural and seamless-looking results come from addressing the skin and muscles on the lower face as well as the neck.


How is Turkey Neck Treated?

Drooping skin and lax muscles on the lower face are easily and safely tightened and/or removed by Dr. Adibfar’s astute techniques utilizing incisions that are simply undetectable. Once the lower face is addressed, the skin no longer sags or hangs from the jowls. This allows for more definition and a younger-looking profile. Next, Dr. Adibfar addresses the neck.


You may simply have excess dropping skin and fat deposits on your neck, while others may also need some suturing to their underlying neck, or platysma, muscles. Over time the muscles in your neck may separate leaving the neck looking hollow and severely weathered. Patients often complain about the vertical lines or bands they see that can easily add 10 years to their actual age! A simple suture of the platysma muscles under the neck brings them together so that the neck looks younger, smoother, and radiant. Visualize your neck as a corset. Over time the corset’s strings may loosen in the front and the fabric may begin to separate. Essentially, the procedure brings the corset back to its former shape with the strings tied up and the fabric meeting in the middle.


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When these mentioned procedures are combined, results are seamless, conservative, and natural-looking. Dr. Adibfar always strives for results that do not look operated on, tightened, or pulled but rather to have results that are naturally more appealing and make the patients appear as more vibrant versions of themselves.


The effects of gravity can do quite a number on anyone’s body. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar has the experience, technique, and knowledge to give you a natural-looking, smooth, and beautiful neck. Patients are thrilled with their improved definition, lifted skin, and younger-looking results.


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