The Buttock Lift

Over recent years we’ve seen a steady rise in the popularity of both shapely buttocks and butt augmentation procedures. While there appears various butt augmentation surgeries, a butt lift refers specifically to lifting the buttock and removing any excess tissue causing droopy, loose skin in the area. Most often, patients undergo a butt lift, also known as a gluteoplasty, due to weak skin elasticity, or after experiencing significant weight loss resulting in excessive laxity in the buttock area. Patients may also feel the need to undergo surgery as their diet and exercise regime alone are proving insufficient enough to deliver the results they desire.

The butt lift is performed at Elements, our state-of-the-art facility which you could learn more about here. We only use the latest and most efficient technology alongside the most courteous, experienced and professional staff to support board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar.

A buttock lift takes approximately two hours to complete depending on the patient, and is most often performed under general anesthesia. An incision is typically made following the surgeon’s preoperative markings across the patient’s back from one hip toward the other. The exact incision line is placed specifically depending on the patient’s constitution to allow for a smooth, seamless transition from the lower back to the buttock, while leaving the scar less visible and easily hidden by undergarments. Dr. Adibfar then uses the incision to remove any redundant tissue, fat and skin below it before lifting the skin taut from the lower buttock and thigh to meet the top of the incision line. Strong sutures are then used to elevate the skin from the buttock to its new resting position. Once the stitches are secured, the incision is covered with tape to ensure less chance of infection, control swelling and promote swifter healing. Drains may also be used to assure no fluid collects underneath the newly stretched tissue.

Patients will be required to return home with the reliable care of a family member or trusted friend who will watch over them for the first few days post surgery. Patients can expect to feel discomfort, swelling and soreness however are advised to keep hydrated, eat healthy balanced meals and move comfortably to encourage healing and circulation. Sitting for long periods of time is not advised and will hinder a patient from recovering more quickly. The scar will heal over time, sometimes taking up to 12 months to disappear at its best. Our reliable staff also gives clear post operative instruction as to which positions to avoid and to emphasize to minimize tension, reduce pain and speed healing. After approximately 6 weeks patients are able to resume a more active lifestyle as the body and incision continue to heal.

When full results are apparent, patients are pleased with their buttocks’ lifted appearance and smoother contour. Female patients report feeling more confident about the way they look, as well are excited about they way their new smooth, lifted shape looks in their clothes. Although the results of a butt lift are long lasting, patients are encouraged to adopt a healthy diet and exercise regime to maintain their results. The results of their surgery can look less appealing over time if patients tend to fluctuate in weight and adopt an inactive lifestyle. To learn about Dr. Adibfar’s various butt augmentation procedures click here.

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