Brow Lifts 101

A common concern most patients have concerning their eyes is their drooping brows. As men and women age, their brows begin to descend lower toward their eyelids. The forehead compensates by attempting to lift the brows causing lines across the forehead. Fortunately, Elements Spa’s board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can correct this with a simple and customized brow lift.


What Is A Brow Lift?

Raising the brows can make a significant impact on the entire face. By conservatively raising the brows, the eyes appear more open, revitalized, and youthful! Often, a brow lift is also complimented by addressing the upper eyelid and its excess skin.


Patients often opt for a brow lift if their eyebrows appear flat, if hooding of the eyelids has occurred, and/or if there is horizontal wrinkling in the forehead. A brow lift alone is a simple procedure that can be performed utilizing noninvasive techniques.


How Is A Brow Lift Administered?

Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar can even use Botox for more minor cases. This paralyzes the surrounding muscles that are forcing the brow down. If Botox is not sufficient, a surgical brow lift would prove the most efficient option.


For the most basic brow lift, Dr. Adibfar begins by administering general anesthesia and creates small incisions in the upper eyelid to access the brow and underlying tissues. The tissue of the eyebrow is then raised and secured to maintain the more suitable position of the eyebrow. This essentially lifts the eyebrow up and out of the eye for a lighter and brighter look. Patients most often go home on the same day of surgery or can stay overnight if they prefer.


Aftercare For A Brow Lift

Recovery from a simple brow lift can be anywhere between 7 and 10 days and patients can often return to work with the help of makeup to conceal any remaining bruising. The incision is carefully hidden in the crease of the eyelid leaving no evidence of having had a surgical procedure. Patients typically return to their daily commitments and routines quickly and bruising is often mitigated with Dr. Adibfar’s efficient preoperative preparations.


More challenging brow lifts can be performed via an incision in the hairline depending on the amount of lift needed and the patient’s skin quality. In this scenario, patients may require more downtime. After a full recovery, patients are pleased with their results. Their eyelids are lifted and their eyes appear bigger with their overall look conveying more enthusiasm for life and a generally more youthful and revitalized look!


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As with any procedure, always seek the expertise and experience of a qualified board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. This will assure the most natural-looking results with the least chance of complication and a smoother recovery.


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