Brighter Eyes with a Brow Lift

An individual’s eyes speak volumes. They can relay a predictable age, whether that person has endured much stress, and their overall state of contentment. Your eyebrows are equally important because they frame the eyes and the rest of your face. Many looking for eye rejuvenation tend not to consider procedures relating to the eyebrow area at all, and in many cases, a brow lift is essential in providing certain patients their desired results! If you feel like your eyes are communicating the wrong message to your peers — that you’re tired, overworked, stressed, and exhausted — and you’re looking to have brighter, more expressive, and energetic looking eyes, then you may want to consider a brow lift! Let’s look into the procedure in more detail.


A brow lift may sometimes be referred to as a forehead lift and can be performed utilizing various techniques for the most optimal results. In the past (and still in some cases today), a brow lift was performed via an incision that spanned from the top of one ear across the hairline to the other side of the head. When the skin was pulled tighter and anchored, some patients were left with hairlines pushed further back — not exactly the results they were hoping for!


Today, skilled and experienced surgeons have refined modern techniques that allow for fewer incisions and scarring, as well as better looking results. Great candidates for a brow lift are individuals with sagging eyebrows and early signs of aging including frown lines. More mature patients with deep horizontal creases along the forehead and furrows across the top of the nose and between the brows also make good candidates.


A brow or forehead lift can be done using various techniques that are individualized to each patient. Often, small incisions are made within the hairline to allow board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar access to underlying tissues and muscles. They are loosened from the skin to allow for efficient removal of excess fat and skin. The remaining skin is then pulled down and stitched into position. This procedure is also often done with an endoscope. Dr. Adibfar’s various techniques allow for tightening and a lift in the eyebrows by correcting the deepest tissues in the forehead for a powerful and symmetrical lift.


The tissue under the eyebrow may also need to be addressed via a blepharoplasty or another combination procedure. Ideally, one procedure would supply the desired results, however, to achieve the most powerful and natural-looking results, all surrounding features need to be considered for the results to look seamless. Via new skin dissecting techniques, Dr. Adibfar can irradicate fine lines in the forehead and give his patients a more youthful and lifted brow. As a result, the eyes will look more open, younger, and brighter.


If you’re looking for a simple procedure that will open your eyes and make them appear more youthful and radiant, then a brow lift may just be the procedure for you!


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